Installing GRASS 5.7 on Win32 with Cygwin

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Cygwin INSTALLATION step-by-step

  1. Get the "setup.exe" from, run it.
  2. In "setup.exe", click 'Next', then "Install from Internet" (requires online connection) Then 'Next'.
  3. Select the directory where to install Cygwin ("root directory"). Keep default text file type as "Unix". Then 'Next'.
  4. Select Local Package directory (we suggest to keep what's suggested). Then 'Next'.
  5. Select Your Internet Connection: either direct connection or specify proxy server. Then 'Next'.
  6. Now select the web site to download Cygwin. Choose a mirror site close to you. Then 'Next'.
  7. The next step is to select Cygwin packages of interest. At least get (click on 'View' button for a convenient list) the following packages (click in the "New" column on the package to select or skip a package):
  8. Then the installation is performed. Finally press 'Finish'
    This will generate an icon "Cygwin" on your desktop.
Now, after installation of cygwin, we can go for GRASS 5.7 installation.

winGRASS 5.7 installation

Preparations: GRASS 5.7 installation:
  1. Download GRASS 5.7 for MS-Windows:
    Download the binary package and the install script (two files, one big, one small). So far there is no nice installer... sorry.
  2. Store these files into the 'cygwin\' directory (e.g. c:\cygwin or d:\cygwin)
  3. Within the cygwin terminal window, run (use appropriate date in the file names):
    sh grass57-19_03_2004-i586-pc-cygwin-bin.tar.gz

Finally you may download the Spearfish data set to try out the installation and play with GRASS.

Starting GRASS 5.7

First open an xterm (terminal window):

Then launch GRASS with:

This should popup a graphical window to select the location.
Type into the data base line the path to the directory which contains location(s) such as 'spearfish'. Then select location and mapset and enter GRASS.

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