GRASS GIS 5.0 beta10 released 7 December 2000

[This next beta release within 24h was required due to an installation bug.]

Towards GRASS GIS 5.0 stable the last beta release of GRASS GIS version 5
has been published. More than 1700 changes, additions and improvements have
been done on the source code since GRASS 5.0 beta8 in July 2000.

The current version is considered as reliable and stable, however a few known bugs
are to be done until the GRASS 5.0stable can be released. This is scheduled
for Jan. 2001.

Where to get the new release:
on the mirrors soon (Australia (local only)| Italy | Japan | Poland | South
Korea | South Korea | Taiwan | Thailand )

The source are available, selected binaries will be build the next days
(Linux is ready to download).

The general focus of this release is stability and reliability beside
improving the functionality. Major changes are scheduled for GRASS 5.1
(to be started in 2001).

What is GRASS GIS?

Geographic Resources Analysis Support System, commonly referred to as GRASS
GIS, is a Geographic Information System (GIS) used for data management,
image processing, graphics production, spatial modelling, and visualization
of many types of data. It is free software released unter GNU General Public
License (GPL).

Platforms supported by GRASS

Linux, Sun Solaris, Sun Solaris/Intel, Silicon Graphics Irix, HP-UX,
DEC-Alpha, PowerPC, MacOS X, AIX, BSD, CRAY and other UNIX compliant
platforms (32/64bit) (the Windows NT/Cygnus still lacks the graphical
For details please refer to:
The full ChangeLog is also available.

What's new in GRASS 5.0 beta10:

The full list is available from here:

We hope you enjoy the ongoing development.

In case you want to join the developers team, and/or share algorithm or
ideas with the GRASS community, don't hesitate to contact us!

On behalf of the GRASS Development Team

Markus Neteler

© 1999-2002 GRASS Development Team
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