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This question doesn't affect current (from year 2000 ongoing) Linux systems!


I have some trouble in installing GRASS5.0 beta on my Linux machine, (I was previously running Grass4.2)

What I did is just:

  • downloading the distribution,
  • logging in as root,
  • running the installation script: sh grass5install.sh grass5beta5_linuxbin_tar.tar /usr/local/grass5.0b
  • running the start-up script: grass5.0beta
  • At this point, instead of starting Grass, I get the following error message:
      Unable to properly access /home/michele/.gislock5, Please notify to system personel.                                                                       
    Which could be the reason ? May you help me ?

    Answer: GRASS 5.x Linux binaries are build on a "glibc2.1" system. Your Linux version is too old and based on "glibc2.0" or earlier.


  • Upgrade your Linux system to a current version (recommended)
  • Compile the GRASS 5.x sources locally (luckily quite easy nowadays)

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    29. Feb. 2000 - Markus Neteler