Question: I've a problem to understand point (5) of 
    bin_install.html (create lock-directory...).
    With uname -n I get localhost.localdomain
    So after cd locks is it right to do 
    mkdir localhost.localdomain ?

Answer:  NO. 

 - First your machine has to get a name (mulligan, Thuille, grassmachine, 
   what you like) and a domain name, even if not working in a network
 -> Check this:  

       uname -n 
   will output this name.

 - go to grass42/locks/
 - mkdir "machinename"  (without quotes)
        $uname -n
      So the machines name is "hgeo02".
      Create the required directory:
        $ cd grass42/locks
        $ mkdir hgeo02    (this is still an example)
        $ cd ..
        $ chmod -R 1777 locks

 Ready. Now proceed with GRASS installation.
Markus Neteler      16th April 1999

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