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This section contains a collection of GRASS related documentation.

Updated documentation is available on the GRASS Wiki collaborative help site. The GDP content found here is a collection of documentation accumulated over many years. It is currently being sorted and information which is still relevant is being transfered into the Wiki. When this is complete the GDP will be scaled back. In the mean time be warned that the GDP documentation found here may be somewhat outdated, and the documentation found on the Wiki may be somewhat incomplete. We hope to have this situation rationalized in the near future.

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Volunteers needed !  

We want to proceed to a general overhaul of GRASS documentation. There is lots of work and any kind of help would be welcome (reading, writing, translating, etc). The main tasks at hand for the moment are:
  • writing a general tutorial (in process)
  • compiling a FAQ
  • updating module help pages
  • reading existing doc in order to weed out completely outdated stuff
  • translating existing texts
Anyone interested in helping us should subscribe to the GRASS user mailing list.

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