GRASS 5.7: A quick demo tour

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GRASS 5.7 is currently under development. In case the examples described here do not work properly, you are kindly invited to send us further examples and/or code bugfixes/enhancements.

A quick demo tour
First download the Sample GRASS 5.7 LOCATION which is used throughout this tutorial. (no longer existing)

The sample LOCATION "g51test" contains a script which demonstrates most features of the new vector engine. To run this demo, start GRASS 5.7 with the sample LOCATION "g51test-X" (X is the current version of the data set) and the mapset "test". In the LOCATION directory you will find the ./tour shell script (example):

grass57 /home/username/grassdata51/g51test-8/test/
After entering GRASS, change into the LOCATION directory and start the demo tour:
cd /home/username/grassdata51/g51test-8/
g.region -dp
The README file in this directory contains descriptions of the sample maps.

Note: If the tour fails at a certain step, the version of the "g51test-X" LOCATION does not correspond to current GRASS 5.7 version as installed on your computer. Be sure to use latest code and sample data set. If this doesn't help: congratulations, you have found a bug. Please report it to the development team.

Further tests - for GRASS experts
Who feels confident with GRASS (5.7) may try further tests with following scripts in the same directory:

The other scripts stored in the LOCATION directory are internally used by some demo scripts.

Further Links (related software, SQL reference etc).

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