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GRASS GIS 6.0.1 CVS snapshot

GRASS GIS 6.0.1 CVS snapshot

This directory contains the weekly generated CVS snapshot of GRASS 6.0.1.
This is a bugfix release only.

What's that?

If you are not interested to use the CVS program for directly accessing the latest GRASS source code, you can follow ongoing development by download a source code from this directory. This CVS snapshot is the source code checked out from CVS repository once a week.

If you are interested in daily versions, please access the CVS server for latest GRASS 6.0.1 sources directly.

Is this snapshot stable?

Yes. This is a bugfix release only.


Please read the included INSTALL file.

Bug reports

Please report bugs *if* not listed in Known BUGS. You are encouraged to use our bug report form: bug report form

Improvements and source code pieces are very welcome!

Get this file.

© 2005 GRASS Development Team
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