This directory contains the weekly generated CVS snapshot of GRASS 6.2.cvs STABLE

What's that?

If you are not interested to use the CVS program for directly accessing the latest GRASS source code, you can follow ongoing development by download a source code from this directory. This CVS snapshot is the source code checked out from CVS repository once a week. This is the stable release branch.

If you are interested in daily versions, please access the CVS server for latest GRASS 6.2 sources directly.

Is this snapshot stable?



Please read the included INSTALL file.

To apply the CVS patch set (diff file):

  # move patch file to main grass source code directory, then
  gzip -d grass-6.2.cvs_src_diffs_to_grass_6_2_0.diff.gz
  patch -p0 < grass-6.2.cvs_src_diffs_to_grass_6_2_0.diff

It should warn you if there were any errors.

Bug reports

Please report bugs *if* not listed in Known BUGS. You are encouraged to use our bug report form: bug report form

Improvements and source code pieces are very welcome!

Get this file.

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