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r.le.patch - Calculates attribute, patch size, core (interior) size, shape, fractal dimension, and perimeter measures for sets of patches in a landscape.


raster, landscape structure analysis, patch index


r.le.patch help
r.le.patch [-cnptu] map=string [sam=string] [reg=string] [att=string[,string,...]] [siz=string[,string,...]] [co1=integer] [co2=string[,string,...]] [sh1=string] [sh2=string[,string,...]] [bnd=string[,string,...]] [per=string[,string,...]] [out=string] [--verbose] [--quiet]


Output map 'interior' with patch cores (specify co1 & co2)
Output map 'num' with patch numbers
Include sampling area boundary as perimeter
Use 4 neighbor instead of 8 neighbor tracing
Output maps 'units_x' with sampling units for each scale x
Verbose module output
Quiet module output


Raster map to be analyzed
Sampling method (choose only 1 method):
w = whole map u = units m = moving window r = regions
Default: w
Name of regions map, only when sam = r; omit otherwise
a1 = mn. pixel att. a2 = s.d. pixel att.
a3 = mn. patch att. a4 = s.d. patch att.
a5 = cover by gp a6 = density by gp
a7 = total density a8 = eff. mesh number
Options: a1,a2,a3,a4,a5,a6,a7,a8
s1 = mn. patch size s2 = s.d. patch size
s3 = mn. patch size by gp s4 = s.d. patch size by gp
s5 = no. by size class s6 = no. by size class by gp
s7 = eff. mesh size s8 = deg. landsc. division
Options: s1,s2,s3,s4,s5,s6,s7,s8
Depth-of-edge-influence in pixels (integer) for use with co2
Core size measures (required if co1 was specified):
c1 = mn. core size c2 = s.d. core size
c3 = mn. edge size c4 = s.d. edge size
c5 = mn. core size by gp c6 = s.d. core size by gp
c7 = mn. edge size by gp c8 = s.d. edge size by gp
c9 = no. by size class c10 = no. by size class by gp
Options: c1,c2,c3,c4,c5,c6,c7,c8,c9,c10
Shape index (choose only 1 index):
m1 = per./area m2 = corr. per./area m3 = rel. circum. circle
Shape measures (required if sh1 was specified):
h1 = mn. patch shape h2 = s.d. patch shape
h3 = mn. patch shape by gp h4 = s.d. patch shape by gp
h5 = no. by shape class h6 = no. by shape class by gp
Options: h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6
n1 = mn. twist number n2 = s.d. twist number
n3 = mn. omega index n4 = s.d. omega index
Options: n1,n2,n3,n4
p1 = sum of perims. p4 = sum of perims. by gp
p2 = mn. per. p5 = mn. per. by gp
p3 = s.d. per. p6 = s.d. per. by gp
Options: p1,p2,p3,p4,p5,p6
Name of output file for individual patch measures, when sam=w,u,r;
if out=head, then column headings will be printed


The r.le.patch module calculates attribute, patch size, core (interior) size, shape, fractal dimension, and perimeter measures for sets of patches in a landscape.


Full instructions can be found in the r.le manual (see "REFERENCES" section below) and the r.le.setup help page.


Baker, W.L. and Y. Cai. 1992. The r.le programs for multiscale analysis of landscape structure using the GRASS geographical information system. Landscape Ecology 7(4):291-302.

The r.le manual: Quantitative analysis of landscape structures (GRASS 5; 2001)


r.le.pixel, r.le.setup, r.le.trace


William L. Baker Department of Geography and Recreation University of Wyoming Laramie, Wyoming 82071 U.S.A.

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