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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Specialized interfaces for invoking modules for testing framework

Copyright (C) 2014 by the GRASS Development Team
This program is free software under the GNU General Public
License (>=v2). Read the file COPYING that comes with GRASS GIS
for details.

:authors: Vaclav Petras, Soeren Gebbert

import subprocess
from grass.script.core import start_command
from grass.exceptions import CalledModuleError
from grass.pygrass.modules import Module

from .utils import do_doctest_gettext_workaround

[docs]class SimpleModule(Module): """Simple wrapper around pygrass.modules.Module to make sure that run\_, finish\_, stdout and stderr are set correctly. >>> mapcalc = SimpleModule('r.mapcalc', expression='test_a = 1', ... overwrite=True) >>> Module('r.mapcalc') >>> mapcalc.popen.returncode 0 >>> colors = SimpleModule('r.colors', ... map='test_a', rules='-', stdin_='1 red') >>> Module('r.colors') >>> colors.popen.returncode 0 >>> str(colors.inputs.stdin) '1 red' >>> str(colors.outputs.stdout) '' >>> colors.outputs.stderr.strip() "Color table for raster map <test_a> set to 'rules'" """ def __init__(self, cmd, *args, **kargs): for banned in ['stdout_', 'stderr_', 'finish_', 'run_']: if banned in kargs: raise ValueError('Do not set %s parameter' ', it would be overriden' % banned) kargs['stdout_'] = subprocess.PIPE kargs['stderr_'] = subprocess.PIPE kargs['finish_'] = True kargs['run_'] = False Module.__init__(self, cmd, *args, **kargs)
[docs]def call_module(module, stdin=None, merge_stderr=False, capture_stdout=True, capture_stderr=True, **kwargs): r"""Run module with parameters given in `kwargs` and return its output. >>> print call_module('g.region', flags='pg') # doctest: +ELLIPSIS projection=... zone=... n=... s=... w=... >>> call_module('m.proj', flags='i', input='-', stdin="50.0 41.5") '8642890.65|6965155.61|0.00\n' >>> call_module('g.region', aabbbccc='notexist') # doctest: +IGNORE_EXCEPTION_DETAIL Traceback (most recent call last): ... CalledModuleError: Module run g.region ... ended with error If `stdin` is not set and `kwargs` contains ``input`` with value set to ``-`` (dash), the function raises an error. Note that ``input`` nor ``output`` parameters are used by this function itself, these are usually module parameters which this function just passes to it. However, when ``input`` is in parameters the function checks if its values is correct considering value of ``stdin`` parameter. :param str module: module name :param stdin: string to be used as module standard input (stdin) or `None` :param merge_stderr: if the standard error output should be merged with stdout :param kwargs: module parameters :returns: module standard output (stdout) as string or None if apture_stdout is False :raises CalledModuleError: if module return code is non-zero :raises ValueError: if the parameters are not correct .. note:: The data read is buffered in memory, so do not use this method if the data size is large or unlimited. """ # TODO: remove this: do_doctest_gettext_workaround() # implementation inspired by subprocess.check_output() function if stdin: if 'input' in kwargs and kwargs['input'] != '-': raise ValueError(_("input='-' must be used when stdin is specified")) if stdin == subprocess.PIPE: raise ValueError(_("stdin must be string or buffer, not PIPE")) kwargs['stdin'] = subprocess.PIPE # to be able to send data to stdin elif 'input' in kwargs and kwargs['input'] == '-': raise ValueError(_("stdin must be used when input='-'")) if merge_stderr and not (capture_stdout and capture_stderr): raise ValueError(_("You cannot merge stdout and stderr and not capture them")) if 'stdout' in kwargs: raise TypeError(_("stdout argument not allowed, it could be overridden")) if 'stderr' in kwargs: raise TypeError(_("stderr argument not allowed, it could be overridden")) if capture_stdout: kwargs['stdout'] = subprocess.PIPE if capture_stderr: if merge_stderr: kwargs['stderr'] = subprocess.STDOUT else: kwargs['stderr'] = subprocess.PIPE process = start_command(module, **kwargs) # input=None means no stdin (our default) # for no stdout, output is None which is out interface # for stderr=STDOUT or no stderr, errors is None # which is fine for CalledModuleError output, errors = process.communicate(input=stdin) returncode = process.poll() if returncode: raise CalledModuleError(returncode, module, kwargs, errors) return output

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