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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""GRASS Python testing framework test files invoker (runner)

Copyright (C) 2014 by the GRASS Development Team
This program is free software under the GNU General Public
License (>=v2). Read the file COPYING that comes with GRASS GIS
for details.

:authors: Vaclav Petras

import os
import sys
import shutil
import subprocess

from .checkers import text_to_keyvalue

from .loader import GrassTestLoader, discover_modules
from .reporters import (GrassTestFilesMultiReporter,
                        GrassTestFilesTextReporter, GrassTestFilesHtmlReporter,
                        TestsuiteDirReporter, GrassTestFilesKeyValueReporter,
                        NoopFileAnonymizer, keyvalue_to_text)
from .utils import silent_rmtree, ensure_dir

    from string import maketrans
except ImportError:
    maketrans = str.maketrans

# needed for write_gisrc
# TODO: it would be good to find some way of writing rc without the need to
# have GRASS proprly set (anything from grass.script requires translations to
# be set, i.e. the GRASS environment properly set)
import grass.script.setup as gsetup

import collections

# TODO: this might be more extend then update
[docs]def update_keyval_file(filename, module, returncode): if os.path.exists(filename): with open(filename, 'r') as keyval_file: keyval = text_to_keyvalue(, sep='=') else: keyval = {} # this is for one file test_file_authors = get_svn_path_authors(module.abs_file_path) # in case that SVN is not available use empty authors if test_file_authors is None: test_file_authors = '' # always owerwrite name and status keyval['name'] = keyval['tested_dir'] = module.tested_dir if 'status' not in keyval.keys(): keyval['status'] = 'failed' if returncode else 'passed' keyval['returncode'] = returncode keyval['test_file_authors'] = test_file_authors with open(filename, 'w') as keyval_file: keyval_file.write(keyvalue_to_text(keyval)) return keyval
[docs]class GrassTestFilesInvoker(object): """A class used to invoke test files and create the main report""" # TODO: it is not clear what clean_outputs mean, if should be split # std stream, random outputs, saved results, profiling # not stdout and stderr if they contain test results # we can also save only failed tests, or generate only if assert fails def __init__(self, start_dir, clean_mapsets=True, clean_outputs=True, clean_before=True, testsuite_dir='testsuite', file_anonymizer=None): """ :param bool clean_mapsets: if the mapsets should be removed :param bool clean_outputs: meaning is unclear: random tests outputs, saved images from maps, profiling? :param bool clean_before: if mapsets, outputs, and results should be removed before the tests start (advantageous when the previous run left everything behind) """ self.start_dir = start_dir self.clean_mapsets = clean_mapsets self.clean_outputs = clean_outputs self.clean_before = clean_before self.testsuite_dir = testsuite_dir # TODO: solve distribution of this constant # reporter is created for each call of run_in_location() self.reporter = None self.testsuite_dirs = None if file_anonymizer is None: self._file_anonymizer = NoopFileAnonymizer() else: self._file_anonymizer = file_anonymizer def _create_mapset(self, gisdbase, location, module): """Create mapset according to information in module. :param loader.GrassTestPythonModule module: """ # using path.sep but also / and \ for cases when it is confused # (namely the case of Unix path on MS Windows) # replace . to get rid of unclean path # TODO: clean paths # note that backslash cannot be at the end of raw string dir_as_name = module.tested_dir.translate(maketrans(r'/\.', '___')) mapset = dir_as_name + '_' + # TODO: use grass module to do this? but we are not in the right gisdbase mapset_dir = os.path.join(gisdbase, location, mapset) if self.clean_before: silent_rmtree(mapset_dir) os.mkdir(mapset_dir) # TODO: default region in mapset will be what? # copy WIND file from PERMANENT # TODO: this should be a function in grass.script (used also in, PyGRASS also has its way with Mapset) # TODO: are premisions an issue here? shutil.copy(os.path.join(gisdbase, location, 'PERMANENT', 'WIND'), os.path.join(mapset_dir)) return mapset, mapset_dir def _run_test_module(self, module, results_dir, gisdbase, location): """Run one test file.""" self.testsuite_dirs[module.tested_dir].append( cwd = os.path.join(results_dir, module.tested_dir, data_dir = os.path.join(module.file_dir, 'data') if os.path.exists(data_dir): # TODO: link dir instead of copy tree and remove link afterwads # (removing is good because of testsuite dir in samplecode) # TODO: use different dir name in samplecode and test if it works shutil.copytree(data_dir, os.path.join(cwd, 'data'), ignore=shutil.ignore_patterns('*.svn*')) ensure_dir(os.path.abspath(cwd)) # TODO: put this to constructor and copy here again env = os.environ.copy() mapset, mapset_dir = self._create_mapset(gisdbase, location, module) gisrc = gsetup.write_gisrc(gisdbase, location, mapset) # here is special setting of environmental variables for running tests # some of them might be set from outside in the future and if the list # will be long they should be stored somewhere separately # use custom gisrc, not current session gisrc env['GISRC'] = gisrc # percentage in plain format is 0...10...20... ...100 env['GRASS_MESSAGE_FORMAT'] = 'plain' stdout_path = os.path.join(cwd, 'stdout.txt') stderr_path = os.path.join(cwd, 'stderr.txt') stdout = open(stdout_path, 'w') stderr = open(stderr_path, 'w') self.reporter.start_file_test(module) # TODO: we might clean the directory here before test if non-empty if module.file_type == 'py': # ignoring shebang line to use current Python # and also pass parameters to it # add also '-Qwarn'? p = subprocess.Popen([sys.executable, '-tt', '-3', module.abs_file_path], cwd=cwd, env=env, stdout=stdout, stderr=stderr) elif module.file_type == 'sh': # ignoring shebang line to pass parameters to shell # expecting system to have sh or something compatible # TODO: add some special checks for MS Windows # using -x to see commands in stderr # using -e to terminate fast # from dash manual: # -e errexit If not interactive, exit immediately if any # untested command fails. The exit status of a com‐ # mand is considered to be explicitly tested if the # command is used to control an if, elif, while, or # until; or if the command is the left hand operand # of an '&&' or '||' operator. p = subprocess.Popen(['sh', '-e', '-x', module.abs_file_path], cwd=cwd, env=env, stdout=stdout, stderr=stderr) else: p = subprocess.Popen([module.abs_file_path], cwd=cwd, env=env, stdout=stdout, stderr=stderr) returncode = p.wait() stdout.close() stderr.close() self._file_anonymizer.anonymize([stdout_path, stderr_path]) test_summary = update_keyval_file( os.path.join(os.path.abspath(cwd), 'test_keyvalue_result.txt'), module=module, returncode=returncode) self.reporter.end_file_test(module=module, cwd=cwd, returncode=returncode, stdout=stdout_path, stderr=stderr_path, test_summary=test_summary) # TODO: add some try-except or with for better error handling os.remove(gisrc) # TODO: only if clean up if self.clean_mapsets: shutil.rmtree(mapset_dir)
[docs] def run_in_location(self, gisdbase, location, location_type, results_dir): """Run tests in a given location""" if os.path.abspath(results_dir) == os.path.abspath(self.start_dir): raise RuntimeError("Results root directory should not be the same" " as discovery start directory") self.reporter = GrassTestFilesMultiReporter( reporters=[ GrassTestFilesTextReporter(stream=sys.stderr), GrassTestFilesHtmlReporter( file_anonymizer=self._file_anonymizer, main_page_name='testfiles.html'), GrassTestFilesKeyValueReporter( info=dict(location=location, location_type=location_type)) ]) self.testsuite_dirs = collections.defaultdict(list) # reset list of dirs each time # TODO: move constants out of loader class or even module modules = discover_modules(start_dir=self.start_dir, grass_location=location_type, file_regexp=r'.*\.(py|sh)$', skip_dirs=GrassTestLoader.skip_dirs, testsuite_dir=GrassTestLoader.testsuite_dir, all_locations_value=GrassTestLoader.all_tests_value, universal_location_value=GrassTestLoader.universal_tests_value, import_modules=False) self.reporter.start(results_dir) for module in modules: self._run_test_module(module=module, results_dir=results_dir, gisdbase=gisdbase, location=location) self.reporter.finish() # TODO: move this to some (new?) reporter # TODO: add basic summary of linked files so that the page is not empty with open(os.path.join(results_dir, 'index.html'), 'w') as main_index: main_index.write( '<html><body>' '<h1>Tests for &lt;{location}&gt;' ' using &lt;{type}&gt; type tests</h1>' '<ul>' '<li><a href="testsuites.html">Results by testsuites</a>' ' (testsuite directories)</li>' '<li><a href="testfiles.html">Results by test files</a></li>' '<ul>' '</body></html>' .format(location=location, type=location_type)) testsuite_dir_reporter = TestsuiteDirReporter( main_page_name='testsuites.html', testsuite_page_name='index.html', top_level_testsuite_page_name='testsuite_index.html') testsuite_dir_reporter.report_for_dirs(root=results_dir, directories=self.testsuite_dirs)

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