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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Created on Fri Aug 17 17:24:03 2012

@author: pietro
import ctypes
import datetime
import grass.lib.vector as libvect
from grass.pygrass.vector.vector_type import MAPTYPE

from grass.pygrass import utils
from grass.pygrass.errors import GrassError, OpenError, must_be_open
from grass.pygrass.vector.table import DBlinks, Link
from grass.pygrass.vector.find import PointFinder, BboxFinder, PolygonFinder


[docs]def is_open(c_mapinfo): """Return if the Vector is open""" return ( != 0 and != libvect.VECT_CLOSED_CODE) #============================================= # VECTOR ABSTRACT CLASS #=============================================
[docs]class Info(object): """Basic vector info. To get access to the vector info the map must be opened. :: >>> test_vect = Info(test_vector_name) >>>'r') Then it is possible to read and write the following map attributes: :: >>> test_vect.organization 'Thuenen Institut' >>> test_vect.person 'Soeren Gebbert' >>> test_vect.title 'Test dataset' >>> test_vect.scale 1 >>> test_vect.comment 'This is a comment' >>> test_vect.comment = "One useful comment!" >>> test_vect.comment 'One useful comment!' There are some read only attributes: :: >>> test_vect.maptype 'native' And some basic methods: :: >>> test_vect.is_3D() False >>> test_vect.exist() True >>> test_vect.is_open() True >>> test_vect.close() """ def __init__(self, name, mapset='', *aopen, **kwopen): self._name = '' self._mapset = '' # Set map name and mapset = name self.mapset = mapset self._aopen = aopen self._kwopen = kwopen self.c_mapinfo = ctypes.pointer(libvect.Map_info()) self._topo_level = 1 self._class_name = 'Vector' self.overwrite = False self.date_fmt = '%a %b %d %H:%M:%S %Y' def __enter__(self):*self._aopen, **self._kwopen) return self def __exit__(self, exc_type, exc_value, traceback): self.close() def _get_name(self): """Private method to obtain the Vector name""" return self._name def _set_name(self, newname): """Private method to change the Vector name""" if not utils.is_clean_name(newname): str_err = _("Map name {0} not valid") raise ValueError(str_err.format(newname)) self._name = newname name = property(fget=_get_name, fset=_set_name, doc="Set or obtain the Vector name") def _get_mapset(self): """Private method to obtain the Vector mapset""" return self._mapset def _set_mapset(self, mapset): """Private method to change the Vector mapset""" if mapset: self._mapset = mapset mapset = property(fget=_get_mapset, fset=_set_mapset, doc="Set or obtain the Vector mapset") def _get_organization(self): """Private method to obtain the Vector organization""" return libvect.Vect_get_organization(self.c_mapinfo) def _set_organization(self, org): """Private method to change the Vector organization""" libvect.Vect_set_organization(self.c_mapinfo, ctypes.c_char_p(org)) organization = property(fget=_get_organization, fset=_set_organization, doc="Set or obtain the Vector organization") def _get_date(self): """Private method to obtain the Vector date""" return libvect.Vect_get_date(self.c_mapinfo) def _set_date(self, date): """Private method to change the Vector date""" return libvect.Vect_set_date(self.c_mapinfo, ctypes.c_char_p(date)) date = property(fget=_get_date, fset=_set_date, doc="Set or obtain the Vector date") def _get_person(self): """Private method to obtain the Vector person""" return libvect.Vect_get_person(self.c_mapinfo) def _set_person(self, person): """Private method to change the Vector person""" libvect.Vect_set_person(self.c_mapinfo, ctypes.c_char_p(person)) person = property(fget=_get_person, fset=_set_person, doc="Set or obtain the Vector author") def _get_title(self): """Private method to obtain the Vector title""" return libvect.Vect_get_map_name(self.c_mapinfo) def _set_title(self, title): """Private method to change the Vector title""" libvect.Vect_set_map_name(self.c_mapinfo, ctypes.c_char_p(title)) title = property(fget=_get_title, fset=_set_title, doc="Set or obtain the Vector title") def _get_map_date(self): """Private method to obtain the Vector map date""" date_str = libvect.Vect_get_map_date(self.c_mapinfo) try: return datetime.datetime.strptime(date_str, self.date_fmt) except: return date_str def _set_map_date(self, datetimeobj): """Private method to change the Vector map date""" date_str = datetimeobj.strftime(self.date_fmt) libvect.Vect_set_map_date(self.c_mapinfo, ctypes.c_char_p(date_str)) map_date = property(fget=_get_map_date, fset=_set_map_date, doc="Set or obtain the Vector map date") def _get_scale(self): """Private method to obtain the Vector scale""" return libvect.Vect_get_scale(self.c_mapinfo) def _set_scale(self, scale): """Private method to set the Vector scale""" return libvect.Vect_set_scale(self.c_mapinfo, ctypes.c_int(scale)) scale = property(fget=_get_scale, fset=_set_scale, doc="Set or obtain the Vector scale") def _get_comment(self): """Private method to obtain the Vector comment""" return libvect.Vect_get_comment(self.c_mapinfo) def _set_comment(self, comm): """Private method to set the Vector comment""" return libvect.Vect_set_comment(self.c_mapinfo, ctypes.c_char_p(comm)) comment = property(fget=_get_comment, fset=_set_comment, doc="Set or obtain the Vector comment") def _get_zone(self): """Private method to obtain the Vector projection zone""" return libvect.Vect_get_zone(self.c_mapinfo) def _set_zone(self, zone): """Private method to set the Vector projection zone""" return libvect.Vect_set_zone(self.c_mapinfo, ctypes.c_int(zone)) zone = property(fget=_get_zone, fset=_set_zone, doc="Set or obtain the Vector projection zone") def _get_proj(self): """Private method to obtain the Vector projection code""" return libvect.Vect_get_proj(self.c_mapinfo) def _set_proj(self, proj): """Private method to set the Vector projection code""" libvect.Vect_set_proj(self.c_mapinfo, ctypes.c_int(proj)) proj = property(fget=_get_proj, fset=_set_proj, doc="Set or obtain the Vector projection code") def _get_thresh(self): """Private method to obtain the Vector threshold""" return libvect.Vect_get_thresh(self.c_mapinfo) def _set_thresh(self, thresh): """Private method to set the Vector threshold""" return libvect.Vect_set_thresh(self.c_mapinfo, ctypes.c_double(thresh)) thresh = property(fget=_get_thresh, fset=_set_thresh, doc="Set or obtain the Vector threshold") @property @must_be_open
[docs] def full_name(self): """Return the full name of Vector""" return libvect.Vect_get_full_name(self.c_mapinfo)
@property @must_be_open
[docs] def maptype(self): """Return the map type of Vector""" return MAPTYPE[libvect.Vect_maptype(self.c_mapinfo)]
@property @must_be_open
[docs] def proj_name(self): """Return the project name of Vector""" return libvect.Vect_get_proj_name(self.c_mapinfo)
[docs] def write_header(self): """Save the change in the C struct permanently to disk.""" libvect.Vect_write_header(self.c_mapinfo)
[docs] def rename(self, newname): """Method to rename the Vector map :param newname: the new name for the Vector map :type newname: str """ if self.exist(): if not self.is_open(): utils.rename(, newname, 'vect') else: raise GrassError("The map is open, not able to renamed it.") self._name = newname
[docs] def is_3D(self): """Return if the Vector is 3D""" return bool(libvect.Vect_is_3d(self.c_mapinfo))
[docs] def exist(self): """Return if the Vector exists or not""" if if self.mapset == '': mapset = utils.get_mapset_vector(, self.mapset) self.mapset = mapset if mapset else '' return True if mapset else False return bool(utils.get_mapset_vector(, self.mapset)) else: return False
[docs] def is_open(self): """Return if the Vector is open""" return is_open(self.c_mapinfo)
[docs] def open(self, mode=None, layer=1, overwrite=None, with_z=None, # parameters valid only if mode == 'w' tab_name='', tab_cols=None, link_name=None, link_key='cat', link_db='$GISDBASE/$LOCATION_NAME/$MAPSET/sqlite/sqlite.db', link_driver='sqlite'): """Open a Vector map. :param mode: open a vector map in ``r`` in reading, ``w`` in writing and in ``rw`` read and write mode :type mode: str :param layer: specify the layer that you want to use :type layer: int :param overwrite: valid only for ``w`` mode :type overwrite: bool :param with_z: specify if vector map must be open with third dimension enabled or not. Valid only for ``w`` mode, default: False :type with_z: bool :param tab_name: define the name of the table that will be generate :type tab_name: str :param tab_cols: define the name and type of the columns of the attribute table of the vecto map :type tab_cols: list of pairs :param link_name: define the name of the link connecttion with the database :type link_name: str :param link_key: define the nema of the column that will be use as vector category :type link_key: str :param link_db: define the database connection parameters :type link_db: str :param link_driver: define witch database driver will be used :param link_driver: str Some of the parameters are valid only with mode ``w`` or ``rw`` See more examples in the documentation of the ``read`` and ``write`` methods """ with_z = libvect.WITH_Z if with_z else libvect.WITHOUT_Z # check if map exists or not if not self.exist() and mode != 'w': raise OpenError("Map <%s> not found." % self._name) if libvect.Vect_set_open_level(self._topo_level) != 0: raise OpenError("Invalid access level.") # update the overwrite attribute self.overwrite = overwrite if overwrite is not None else self.overwrite # check if the mode is valid if mode not in ('r', 'rw', 'w'): raise ValueError("Mode not supported. Use one of: 'r', 'rw', 'w'.") # check if the map exist if self.exist() and mode in ('r', 'rw'): # open in READ mode if mode == 'r': openvect = libvect.Vect_open_old2(self.c_mapinfo,, self.mapset, str(layer)) # open in READ and WRITE mode elif mode == 'rw': openvect = libvect.Vect_open_update2(self.c_mapinfo,, self.mapset, str(layer)) # instantiate class attributes self.dblinks = DBlinks(self.c_mapinfo) # If it is opened in write mode if mode == 'w': openvect = libvect.Vect_open_new(self.c_mapinfo,, with_z) self.dblinks = DBlinks(self.c_mapinfo) if mode in ('w', 'rw') and tab_cols: # create a link link = Link(layer, link_name if link_name else, tab_name if tab_name else, link_key, link_db, link_driver) # add the new link self.dblinks.add(link) # create the table table = link.table() table.create(tab_cols, overwrite=overwrite) table.conn.commit() # check the C function result. if openvect == -1: str_err = "Not able to open the map, C function return %d." raise OpenError(str_err % openvect) if len(self.dblinks) == 0: self.layer = layer self.table = None self.n_lines = 0 else: self.layer = self.dblinks.by_layer(layer).layer self.table = self.dblinks.by_layer(layer).table() self.n_lines = self.table.n_rows() self.writeable = self.mapset == utils.getenv("MAPSET") # Initialize the finder self.find = {'by_point': PointFinder(self.c_mapinfo, self.table, self.writeable), 'by_bbox': BboxFinder(self.c_mapinfo, self.table, self.writeable), 'by_polygon': PolygonFinder(self.c_mapinfo, self.table, self.writeable), } self.find_by_point = self.find["by_point"] self.find_by_bbox = self.find["by_bbox"] self.find_by_polygon = self.find["by_polygon"]
[docs] def close(self, build=False): """Method to close the Vector :param build: True if the vector map should be build before close it :type build: bool """ if hasattr(self, 'table') and self.table is not None: self.table.conn.close() if self.is_open(): if libvect.Vect_close(self.c_mapinfo) != 0: str_err = 'Error when trying to close the map with Vect_close' raise GrassError(str_err) if ((self.c_mapinfo.contents.mode == libvect.GV_MODE_RW or self.c_mapinfo.contents.mode == libvect.GV_MODE_WRITE) and build):
[docs] def remove(self): """Remove vector map""" if self.is_open(): self.close() utils.remove(, 'vect')
[docs] def build(self): """Close the vector map and build vector Topology""" self.close() libvect.Vect_set_open_level(1) if libvect.Vect_open_old2(self.c_mapinfo,, self.mapset, '0') != 1: str_err = 'Error when trying to open the vector map.' raise GrassError(str_err) # Vect_build returns 1 on success and 0 on error (bool approach) if libvect.Vect_build(self.c_mapinfo) != 1: str_err = 'Error when trying build topology with Vect_build' raise GrassError(str_err) libvect.Vect_close(self.c_mapinfo)
if __name__ == "__main__": import doctest from grass.pygrass import utils utils.create_test_vector_map(test_vector_name) doctest.testmod()

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