GRASS GIS Python library documentationΒΆ

Python, a widely used general-purpose, high-level programming language provides a powerful scripting interface. Being easy-to-use yet powerful, it enables users to efficiently exploit the capabilities of the GRASS GIS software. Python scripts for GRASS GIS can be written at high level (GRASS GIS modules) as well as at low level (GRASS GIS libraries) through a dedicated interface. The graphical user interface and the GRASS GIS Temporal Framework are entirely written in Python.

A set of packages is provided to the user in order to provide functionality at various levels:

  • script package provides Python interface to launch GRASS GIS modules in scripts

  • PyGRASS is an object-oriented Python Application Programming Interface (API) for GRASS GIS which uses the GRASS C API as backend but additionally offers a convenient interface to the GRASS GIS modules

  • GRASS GIS Temporal Framework implements the temporal GIS functionality of GRASS GIS and provides an API to implement spatio-temporal processing modules

  • Testing GRASS GIS source code and modules using gunittest package

  • exceptions package contains exceptions used by other packages

  • imaging package is a library to create animated images and films

  • pydispatch package is a library for signal-dispatching