PyGRASS documentation

Python is a programming language which is more powerful than shell scripting but easier and more forgiving than C. PyGRASS is an object-oriented Python Application Programming Interface (API) for GRASS GIS. PyGRASS offers interfaces to GRASS modules and functionality, as well as to vector and raster data. For details, see Zambelli et al. (2013) in the references below. PyGRASS improves the integration between GRASS GIS and Python, making the use of Python under GRASS more consistent with the language itself. Furthermore, it simplifies GRASS scripting and programming and more natural for the user.

Background: In 2006, GRASS GIS developers started to adopt Python for the new GUI. Due to this Python became more and more important and developers converted all shell scripts from GRASS GIS 6 to Python for GRASS GIS 7.

To work with PyGRASS you need an up-to-date version of GRASS GIS. The only action before starting to work with PyGRASS is to launch GRASS GIS 8 and from the console launch python or ipython (the second one is the recommended way).

Read more about how to work with PyGRASS in this documentation.



This project has been funded with support from the Google Summer of Code 2012