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g.gui.cswbrowser - Graphical CSW metadata browser.


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g.gui.cswbrowser --help
g.gui.cswbrowser [--help] [--verbose] [--quiet] [--ui]


Print usage summary
Verbose module output
Quiet module output
Force launching GUI dialog

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g.gui.cswbrowser supports searching and browsing metadata catalogs based on Catalogue Service (CSW) standard .

The module allows to setting up connection to csw by uri and search metadata using advanced filter.


For dependencies and installation instructions see the dedicated wiki page.

Setting up connection

After start g.gui.cswbrowser the connection manager is initialized by default connection file which includes some well known catalogs. Connection manager allows to add, to delete and to load connection from xml file.

Search and browse catalog

Searching and browsing panel allows to setup request with using custom filter.


Query filter

The filter can be defined by limitation of area by bounding box which can be set by GRASS region or manualy.

Bounding box

Browsing of metadata

In case of successful request, user can browse through results and show request and response in xml format. If services contains uri of WMS, WFS or WMS, module allows to add them directly with using upper toolbar.

SEE ALSO,, g.gui.metadata, db.csw.harvest, db.csw.admin,

See also related wiki page.


Matej Krejci, OSGeoREL at the Czech Technical University in Prague, developed during Google Summer of Code 2015 (mentors: Martin Landa)


Available at: g.gui.cswbrowser source code (history)

Latest change: Monday Jan 30 19:52:26 2023 in commit: cac8d9d848299297977d1315b7e90cc3f7698730

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