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NAME - Imports PROBA-V NDVI data in netCDF format into a raster map with real NDVI data range.


imagery, import, NDVI, PROBA-V

SYNOPSIS --help input=name output=name [scale=float] [shift=float] [memory=integer] [--overwrite] [--help] [--verbose] [--quiet] [--ui]


Allow output files to overwrite existing files
Print usage summary
Verbose module output
Quiet module output
Force launching GUI dialog


input=name [required]
Name of input PROBA-V NDVI .nc file
output=name [required]
Name for output raster map
Scale factor for input
Default: 0.004
Shift factor for input
Offset factor for input
Default: -0.08
Maximum memory to be used in MB
Options: 0-2047
Default: 300

Table of contents

DESCRIPTION imports Proba-V NDVI data sets. After the import the digital numbers (DN) are remapped to VEGETATION NDVI values and the NDVI color table is applied. The imported DN map is removed after remapping. It is also possible to change the scale and offset factor (default is scale: 0.004, offset: -0.08 for Proba-V) and to improve the memory usage (default is 300 MB).

Important for the Proba-V Data sets, is a user registration at the VITO portal necessary (Register Button in the Upper Right Corner).


The Proba-V files are delivered in NetCDF (Network Common Data Form) format. It is required to have the GDAL libraries installed with NetCDF support. Also to check the necessary scale and offset factor with gdalinfo.

Before Import

When working with Proba-V NDVI, it it necessary to fix the range of the map because it exceeds the -180°..+180° range with entire world extent. You can shift the map slightly into the right position using gdal_translate. This example in Global datasets may help you.


# import of 300m NDVI \
            output=c_gls_NDVI300_201611010000_GLOBE_PROBAV_V1.0.1 memory=500




Jonas Strobel


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