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r.mcda.promethee - Multicirtieria decision analysis based on PROMETHEE method


raster, MCDA


r.mcda.promethee --help
r.mcda.promethee criteria=string[,string,...] weight=float[,float,...] positiveflow=string negativeflow=string [--overwrite] [--help] [--verbose] [--quiet] [--ui]


Allow output files to overwrite existing files
Print usage summary
Verbose module output
Quiet module output
Force launching GUI dialog


criteria=string[,string,...] [required]
Input geographics criteria in information system
weight=float[,float,...] [required]
Criteria weight(s) (w1,w2,..,wn)
positiveflow=string [required]
positive flow output map
Default: positiveflow
negativeflow=string [required]
negative flow output map
Default: negativeflow

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r.mcda.promethee is the implementation of the a multicriteria decision analysis based on PROMETHEE algorithm (J.P. Brans and P. Vincke (1985). "A preference ranking organisation method:The PROMETHEE method for MCDM". Management Science) in GRASS GIS environment. It is one of the available tools in the r.mcda suite. It requires as an input the list of raster representing the criteria to be assessed in the multicriteria evaluation and the vector of weights to be assigned. Every single cell of the GRASS region is considered as one of the possible alternatives to evaluate and it is described with the value assumed for the same cell by the raster used as criteria. There are three output files. One represents the spatial distribution of the concordance index, the other one of the discordance index. The optimal solution is the one presenting the maximum concordance value and the minimum discordance value at the same time.


The module does not standardize the raster-criteria. Therefore, they must be prepared before by using, for example, r.mapcalc. The weights vector is always normalized so that the sum of the weights is 1.


Massei, G., Rocchi, L., Paolotti, L., Greco, S., & Boggia, Decision Support Systems for environmental management: A case study on wastewater from agriculture, Journal of Environmental Management, Volume 146, 15 December 2014, Pages 491-504, ISSN 0301-4797


J.P. Brans and P. Vincke (1985). "A preference ranking organisation method:The PROMETHEE method for MCDM". Management Science.

GRASS Development Team (2015)


r.mcda.ahp, r.mcda.electre, r.mcda.roughet, r.mapcalc


Antonio Boggia - Gianluca Massei
Department of Economics and Appraisal - University of Perugia - Italy


Available at: r.mcda.promethee source code (history)

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