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NAME - Calculation of contiguous stream-specific variables that account for the upstream environment (based on


raster, stream, drainage, hydrology

SYNOPSIS --help variable=name area=string [folder=name] [out_folder=name] output=method[,method,...] [scale=value] [cpu=float] [--help] [--verbose] [--quiet] [--ui]


Print usage summary
Verbose module output
Quiet module output
Force launching GUI dialog


variable=name [required]
Name of raster to be converted into a stream-specific variable
area=string [required]
Area of aggregation: across the sub-watersheds or only across sub-streams
Options: watershed, stream
Provide the full folder path (same as for
Default: GISDBASE/folder_structure
Provide the full folder path for the output stream-specific variable
Default: GISDBASE/stream-specific_variables
output=method[,method,...] [required]
Provide the output aggregation method for the stream-specific variable
upstream cells numbers, minimum, maximum, range, mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, sum. Output datatype is Int32
Options: cells, min, max, range, mean, stddev, coeff_var, sum
Provide a scale factor to multiply or divide the final stream-specific variable
Provide it e.g. if input raster values are between -1 and 1, use scale=1000 to inicrease the number of decimals - all outputs will be rounded to integers
Default: 1
Number of CPUs used for the parallel computation
Default: 1

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Calculation of contiguous stream-specific variables that account for the upstream environment (based on


Sami Domisch, Giuseppe Amatulli, Walter Jetz (2015): Near-global freshwater-specific environmental variables for biodiversity analyses in 1 km resolution, Scientific Data 2, 150073, DOI:10.1038/sdata.2015.73


Giuseppe Amatulli
Sami Domisch


Available at: source code (history)

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