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v.ply.rectify - Imports PLY points, georeferences and exports them.


vector, import, export, rectify


v.ply.rectify --help
v.ply.rectify [-s] input=name [output=name] [--overwrite] [--help] [--verbose] [--quiet] [--ui]


Also export point cloud shifted to center
Allow output files to overwrite existing files
Print usage summary
Verbose module output
Quiet module output
Force launching GUI dialog


input=name [required]
Name of input PLY file
Default is input name without .ply

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v.ply.rectify imports a PLY point cloud, georeferences and exports it. The first three vertex properties must be the x, y, z coordinates with property names "x", "y", "z", in this order.

A text file with Ground Control Points (GCPs) must exist in the same folder where the point cloud is located, and the textfile must have the same name like the point cloud, but ending on .txt instead of .ply.

The text file with GCPs must have the following format with one GCP per line:

  x y z east north height status
with x, y, z as source coordinates and east, north, height as target coordinates. The status indicates whether to use a GCP (status is not zero) or not (status is zero). Entries must be separated by whitespace or tabs. Decimal delimiters must be points.

The georecitifictation method used is a 3D orthogonal rectification where angles are preserved. 3D objects are shifted, scaled and rotated, but no shear is introduced. Please read the output of the module, in particular the root mean square (RMS) errors.

v.ply.rectify optionally exports the georeferenced point cloud not only with real coordinates, but also with shifted coordinates (-s flag) for display in meshlab or similar software that can not deal with real coordinates. The exported PLY point clouds will be in the same folder like the input PLY point cloud.


With a point cloud file pointcloud.ply and associated control points in pointcloud.txt,
v.ply.rectify -s input=pointcloud.ply
will generate three files: pointcloud_georef.ply with the georeferenced point cloud, pointcloud_georef_shifted.ply with the georeferenced point cloud shifted to the coordinates' center, and pointcloud_rms.csv with the RMS errors of the control points.

SEE ALSO, v.out.ply, v.rectify, v.transform


Markus Metz


Available at: v.ply.rectify source code (history)

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