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NAME - Targets an imagery group to a GRASS location and mapset.


imagery, map management

SYNOPSIS --help [-c] group=name [location=string] [mapset=string] [--help] [--verbose] [--quiet] [--ui]


Set current location and mapset as target for imagery group
Print usage summary
Verbose module output
Quiet module output
Force launching GUI dialog


group=name [required]
Name of input imagery group
Name of imagery target location
Name of target mapset

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DESCRIPTION targets an imagery group to a GRASS data base location name and mapset. A location name and mapset are required for the i.rectify imagery module, into which to write the rectified map just prior to completion of the program; enables the user to specify this location. must be run before g.gui.gcp and i.rectify.


The module's first option asks for the name of the imagery group that needs a target. The imagery group must be present in the user's current mapset. An imagery group may be targeted to any GRASS location.

If a group name is given without setting options, the currently targeted group will be displayed.


The GRASS 4 Image Processing manual

g.gui.gcp,, i.rectify
Manage Ground Control Points


Michael Shapiro, U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory

Parser support: Bob Covill


Available at: source code (history)

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