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# MODULE:    grass.benchmark
# AUTHOR(S): Vaclav Petras <wenzeslaus gmail com>
# PURPOSE:   Benchmarking for GRASS GIS modules
# COPYRIGHT: (C) 2021 Vaclav Petras, and by the GRASS Development Team
#            This program is free software under the GNU General Public
#            License (>=v2). Read the file COPYING that comes with GRASS
#            for details.

"""CLI for the benchmark package"""

import argparse
import sys
from pathlib import Path

from grass.benchmark import (

[docs]class CliUsageError(ValueError): """Raised when error is in the command line arguments. Used when the error is discovered only after argparse parsed the arguments. """
# ArgumentError from argparse may work too, but it is not documented and # takes a reference argument which we don't have access to after the parse step.
[docs]def join_results_cli(args): """Translate CLI parser result to API calls.""" if args.prefixes and len(args.results) != len(args.prefixes): raise CliUsageError( f"Number of prefixes ({len(args.prefixes)}) needs to be the same" f" as the number of input result files ({len(args.results)})" ) def select_only(result): return result.label == args.only if args.only: select_function = select_only else: select_function = None results = join_results_from_files( source_filenames=args.results, prefixes=args.prefixes, select=select_function, prefixes_as_labels=args.re_label, ) save_results_to_file(results, args.output)
[docs]def plot_nprocs_cli(args): """Translate CLI parser result to API calls.""" results = load_results_from_file(args.input) nprocs_plot( results.results, filename=args.output, title=args.title, )
[docs]def plot_cells_cli(args): """Translate CLI parser result to API calls.""" results = load_results_from_file(args.input) num_cells_plot( results.results, filename=args.output, title=args.title, show_resolution=args.resolutions, )
[docs]def get_executable_name(): """Get name of the executable and module. This is a workaround for Python issue: argparse support for "python -m module" in help """ executable = Path(sys.executable).stem return f"{executable} -m grass.benchmark"
[docs]class ExtendAction(argparse.Action): """Support for agrparse action="extend" before Python 3.8 Each parser instance needs the action to be registered. """ # pylint: disable=too-few-public-methods def __call__(self, parser, namespace, values, option_string=None): items = getattr(namespace, self.dest) or [] items.extend(values) setattr(namespace, self.dest, items)
[docs]def add_subcommand_parser(subparsers, name, description): """Add parser for a subcommand into subparsers.""" # help is in parent's help, description in subcommand's help. return subparsers.add_parser(name, help=description, description=description)
[docs]def add_subparsers(parser, dest): """Add subparsers in a unified way. Uses title 'subcommands' for the list of commands (instead of the 'positional' which is the default). The *dest* should be 'command', 'subcommand', etc. with appropriate nesting. """ if sys.version_info < (3, 7): # required as parameter is only in >=3.7. return parser.add_subparsers(title="subcommands", dest=dest) return parser.add_subparsers(title="subcommands", required=True, dest=dest)
[docs]def add_results_subcommand(parent_subparsers): """Add results subcommand.""" main_parser = add_subcommand_parser( parent_subparsers, "results", description="Manipulate results" ) main_subparsers = add_subparsers(main_parser, dest="subcommand") join = main_subparsers.add_parser("join", help="Join results") join.add_argument("results", help="Files with results", nargs="*", metavar="file") join.add_argument("output", help="Output file", metavar="output_file") if sys.version_info < (3, 8): join.register("action", "extend", ExtendAction) join.add_argument( "--prefixes", help="Add prefixes to result labels per file", action="extend", nargs="*", metavar="text", ) join.add_argument( "--only", help="Select only results with matching label", metavar="label", ) join.add_argument( "--re-label", help="Use prefixes as the new labels", action="store_true", ) join.set_defaults(handler=join_results_cli)
[docs]def add_plot_io_arguments(parser): """Add input and output arguments to *parser*.""" parser.add_argument("input", help="file with results (JSON)", metavar="input_file") parser.add_argument( "output", help="output file (e.g., PNG)", nargs="?", metavar="output_file" )
[docs]def add_plot_title_argument(parser): """Add title argument to *parser*.""" parser.add_argument( "--title", help="Title for the plot", metavar="text", )
[docs]def add_plot_subcommand(parent_subparsers): """Add plot subcommand.""" main_parser = add_subcommand_parser( parent_subparsers, "plot", description="Plot results" ) main_subparsers = add_subparsers(main_parser, dest="subcommand") join = main_subparsers.add_parser("cells", help="Plot for variable number of cells") add_plot_io_arguments(join) add_plot_title_argument(join) join.add_argument( "--resolutions", help="Use resolutions for x axis instead of cell count", action="store_true", ) join.set_defaults(handler=plot_cells_cli) nprocs = main_subparsers.add_parser( "nprocs", help="Plot for variable number of processing elements" ) add_plot_io_arguments(nprocs) add_plot_title_argument(nprocs) nprocs.set_defaults(handler=plot_nprocs_cli)
[docs]def define_arguments(): """Define top level parser and create subparsers.""" parser = argparse.ArgumentParser( description="Process results from module benchmarks.", prog=get_executable_name(), ) subparsers = add_subparsers(parser, dest="command") add_results_subcommand(subparsers) add_plot_subcommand(subparsers) return parser
[docs]def main(args=None): """Define and parse command line parameters then run the appropriate handler.""" parser = define_arguments() args = parser.parse_args(args) try: args.handler(args) except CliUsageError as error: # Report a usage error and exit. sys.exit(f"ERROR: {error}")
if __name__ == "__main__": main()