Source code for grass.gunittest.main

GRASS Python testing framework module for running from command line

Copyright (C) 2014-2021 by the GRASS Development Team
This program is free software under the GNU General Public
License (>=v2). Read the file COPYING that comes with GRASS GIS
for details.

:authors: Vaclav Petras

import os
import sys
import argparse
import configparser
from pathlib import Path

from unittest.main import TestProgram

import grass.script.core as gs

from .loader import GrassTestLoader
from .runner import GrassTestRunner, MultiTestResult, TextTestResult, KeyValueTestResult
from .invoker import GrassTestFilesInvoker
from .utils import silent_rmtree
from .reporters import FileAnonymizer

[docs]class GrassTestProgram(TestProgram): """A class to be used by individual test files (wrapped in the function)""" def __init__( self, exit_at_end, grass_location, clean_outputs=True, unittest_argv=None, module=None, verbosity=1, failfast=None, catchbreak=None, ): """Prepares the tests in GRASS way and then runs the tests. :param bool clean_outputs: if outputs in mapset and in ? """ self.test = None self.grass_location = grass_location # it is unclear what the exact behavior is in unittest # buffer stdout and stderr during tests buffer_stdout_stderr = False grass_loader = GrassTestLoader(grass_location=self.grass_location) text_result = TextTestResult( stream=sys.stderr, descriptions=True, verbosity=verbosity ) with open("test_keyvalue_result.txt", "w") as keyval_file: keyval_result = KeyValueTestResult(stream=keyval_file) result = MultiTestResult(results=[text_result, keyval_result]) grass_runner = GrassTestRunner( verbosity=verbosity, failfast=failfast, buffer=buffer_stdout_stderr, result=result, ) super().__init__( module=module, argv=unittest_argv, testLoader=grass_loader, testRunner=grass_runner, exit=exit_at_end, verbosity=verbosity, failfast=failfast, catchbreak=catchbreak, buffer=buffer_stdout_stderr, )
[docs]def test(): """Run a test of a module.""" # TODO: put the link to to the report only if available # TODO: how to disable Python code coverage for module and C tests? # TODO: we probably need to have different test functions for C, Python modules, and Python code # TODO: combine the results using python -m coverage --help | grep combine # TODO: function to anonymize/beautify file names (in content and actual filenames) # TODO: implement coverage but only when requested by invoker and only if # it makes sense for tests (need to know what is tested) # doing_coverage = False # try: # import coverage # doing_coverage = True # cov = coverage.coverage(omit="*testsuite*") # cov.start() # except ImportError: # pass # TODO: add some message somewhere # TODO: enable passing omit to exclude also gunittest or nothing program = GrassTestProgram( module="__main__", exit_at_end=False, grass_location="all" ) # TODO: check if we are in the directory where the test file is # this will ensure that data directory is available when it is requested # if doing_coverage: # cov.stop() # cov.html_report(directory='testcodecoverage') # TODO: is sys.exit the right thing here sys.exit(not program.result.wasSuccessful())
[docs]def discovery(): """Recursively find all tests in testsuite directories and run them Everything is imported and runs in this process. Runs using:: python discovery [start_directory] """ program = GrassTestProgram(grass_location="nc", exit_at_end=False) sys.exit(not program.result.wasSuccessful())
CONFIG_FILENAME = ".gunittest.cfg"
[docs]def get_config(start_directory, config_file): """Read configuration if available, return empty section proxy if not If file is explicitly specified, it must exist. Raises OSError if file is not accessible, e.g., if it exists, but there is an issue with permissions. """ config_parser = configparser.ConfigParser() if config_file: with open(config_file, encoding="utf-8") as file: config_parser.read_file(file) elif start_directory: config_file = Path(start_directory) / CONFIG_FILENAME # Does not check presence of the file else: raise ValueError("Either start_directory or config_file must be set") if "gunittest" not in config_parser: # Create an empty section if file is not available or section is not present. config_parser.read_dict({"gunittest": {}}) return config_parser["gunittest"]
[docs]def main(): parser = argparse.ArgumentParser( description="Run test files in all testsuite directories starting" " from the current one" " (runs on active GRASS session)" ) parser.add_argument( "--location", dest="location", action="store", help="Name of location where to perform test", required=True, ) parser.add_argument( "--location-type", dest="location_type", action="store", default="nc", help="Type of tests which should be run" " (tag corresponding to location)", ) parser.add_argument( "--grassdata", dest="gisdbase", action="store", default=None, help="GRASS data(base) (GISDBASE) directory" " (current GISDBASE by default)", ) parser.add_argument( "--output", dest="output", action="store", default="testreport", help="Output directory", ) parser.add_argument( "--min-success", dest="min_success", action="store", default="100", type=int, help=( "Minimum success percentage (lower percentage" " than this will result in a non-zero return code; values 0-100)" ), ) parser.add_argument( "--config", dest="config", action="store", type=str, help=f"Path to a configuration file (default: {CONFIG_FILENAME})", ) args = parser.parse_args() gisdbase = args.gisdbase if gisdbase is None: # here we already rely on being in GRASS session gisdbase = gs.gisenv()["GISDBASE"] location = args.location location_type = args.location_type if not gisdbase: return "GISDBASE (grassdata directory) cannot be empty string\n" if not os.path.exists(gisdbase): return f"GISDBASE (grassdata directory) <{gisdbase}> does not exist\n" if not os.path.exists(os.path.join(gisdbase, location)): return ( f"GRASS Location <{location}>" f" does not exist in GRASS Database <{gisdbase}>\n" ) results_dir = args.output silent_rmtree(results_dir) # TODO: too brute force? start_dir = "." abs_start_dir = os.path.abspath(start_dir) try: config = get_config(start_directory=start_dir, config_file=args.config) except OSError as error: return f"Error reading configuration: {error}" invoker = GrassTestFilesInvoker( start_dir=start_dir, file_anonymizer=FileAnonymizer(paths_to_remove=[abs_start_dir]), timeout=config.getfloat("timeout", None), ) # TODO: remove also results dir from files # as an enhancement # we can just iterate over all locations available in database # but the we don't know the right location type (category, label, shortcut) reporter = invoker.run_in_location( gisdbase=gisdbase, location=location, location_type=location_type, results_dir=results_dir, exclude=config.get("exclude", "").split(), ) if not reporter.test_files: return "No tests found or executed" if reporter.file_pass_per >= args.min_success: return 0 return 1
if __name__ == "__main__": sys.exit(main())