Source code for grass.pydispatch.robust

"""Module implementing error-catching version of send (sendRobust)"""
from grass.pydispatch.dispatcher import Any, Anonymous, liveReceivers, getAllReceivers
from grass.pydispatch.robustapply import robustApply

[docs]def sendRobust(signal=Any, sender=Anonymous, *arguments, **named): """Send signal from sender to all connected receivers catching errors signal -- (hashable) signal value, see connect for details sender -- the sender of the signal if Any, only receivers registered for Any will receive the message. if Anonymous, only receivers registered to receive messages from Anonymous or Any will receive the message Otherwise can be any python object (normally one registered with a connect if you actually want something to occur). arguments -- positional arguments which will be passed to *all* receivers. Note that this may raise TypeErrors if the receivers do not allow the particular arguments. Note also that arguments are applied before named arguments, so they should be used with care. named -- named arguments which will be filtered according to the parameters of the receivers to only provide those acceptable to the receiver. Return a list of tuple pairs [(receiver, response), ... ] if any receiver raises an error (specifically any subclass of Exception), the error instance is returned as the result for that receiver. """ # Call each receiver with whatever arguments it can accept. # Return a list of tuple pairs [(receiver, response), ... ]. responses = [] for receiver in liveReceivers(getAllReceivers(sender, signal)): try: response = robustApply( receiver, signal=signal, sender=sender, *arguments, **named ) except Exception as err: responses.append((receiver, err)) else: responses.append((receiver, response)) return responses