Source code for grass.pygrass.modules.interface.env

Created on Thu May 28 17:41:32 2015

@author: pietro
from __future__ import print_function
import os
import sys

[docs]def get_env(): """Parse the GISRC file and return the GRASS variales""" gisrc = os.environ.get("GISRC") if gisrc is None: raise RuntimeError("You are not in a GRASS session, GISRC not found.") with open(gisrc, mode="r") as grc: env = dict( [ (k.strip(), v.strip()) for k, v in [row.split(":", 1) for row in grc if row] ] ) return env
[docs]def get_debug_level(): """Return the debug level""" debug = get_env().get("DEBUG") return int(debug) if debug else 0
[docs]def G_debug(level, *msg): """Print or write a debug message, this is a pure python implementation of the G_debug function in the C API.""" debug_level = get_debug_level() if debug_level >= level: dfile = os.environ.get("GRASS_DEBUG_FILE") fd = sys.stderr if dfile is None else open(dfile, mode="a") print("D%d/%d: " % (level, debug_level), *msg, end="\n", file=fd)