Source code for grass.pygrass.tests.set_mapset

Created on Thu Aug 23 11:07:38 2012

@author: pietro

from __future__ import (

import os
import subprocess
import optparse

from grass.script import core as grasscore

[docs]def read_gisrc(gisrcpath): gisrc = open(gisrcpath, "r") diz = {} for row in gisrc: key, val = row.split(":") diz[key.strip()] = val.strip() return diz
[docs]def main(): # default option gisrc = read_gisrc(os.environ["GISRC"]) user = os.environ["USER"] # start optparse usage = "usage: %prog [options]" parser = optparse.OptionParser(usage=usage) parser.add_option( "-U", "--user", dest="user", default=user, help="PostgreSQL user [default=%default]", ) parser.add_option( "-P", "--password", dest="passwd", default=None, help="PostgreSQL password for user [default=%default]", ) parser.add_option( "-D", "--database", dest="db", default="pygrassdb_doctest", help="PostgreSQL database name [default=%default]", ) (opts, args) = parser.parse_args() # # Create DB # print("\n\nCreate a new DB: %s...\n" % opts.db) createdb = [ "createdb", "--encoding=UTF-8", "--owner=%s" % opts.user, "--host=localhost", "--username=%s" % opts.user, opts.db, ] if opts.passwd: print(opts.passwd) createdb.append("--password=%s" % opts.passwd) else: createdb.append("--no-password") subprocess.Popen(createdb) # # set postgreSQL # print("\n\nSet Postgres connection...\n") grasscore.run_command( "db.connect", driver="pg", database="host=localhost,dbname=%s" % opts.db ) grasscore.run_command("db.login", user=opts.user) print("\n\nCopy the map from PERMANENT to user1...\n") grasscore.run_command( "g.copy", vector="boundary_municp@PERMANENT,boundary_municp_pg", overwrite=True ) print("\n\nBuild topology...\n") grasscore.run_command("", map="boundary_municp_pg", overwrite=True) # # set sqlite # db = [gisrc["GISDBASE"], gisrc["LOCATION_NAME"], gisrc["MAPSET"], "sqlite.db"] print("\n\nSet Sqlite connection...\n") grasscore.run_command("db.connect", driver="sqlite", database=os.path.join(db)) print("\n\nCopy the map from PERMANENT to user1...\n") grasscore.run_command( "g.copy", vector="boundary_municp@PERMANENT,boundary_municp_sqlite", overwrite=True, ) print("\n\nBuild topology...\n") grasscore.run_command("", map="boundary_municp_sqlite", overwrite=True)
if __name__ == "__main__": main()