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Created on Tue Apr  2 18:30:34 2013

@author: pietro
from __future__ import (

[docs]def do_nothing(p): return p
[docs]def get_None(p): return None
[docs]def get_dict(p): return dict(p.items())
[docs]def get_values(p): return [e.text.strip() for e in p.findall("value/name")]
[docs]def read_text(p): return p.text.strip()
[docs]def read_keydesc(par): name = par.text.strip() items = [e.text.strip() for e in par.findall("item")] return name, tuple(items) if len(items) > 1 else None
GETFROMTAG = { "description": read_text, "keydesc": read_keydesc, "gisprompt": get_dict, "default": read_text, "values": get_values, "value": get_None, "guisection": read_text, "label": read_text, "suppress_required": get_None, "keywords": read_text, "guidependency": read_text, "rules": get_None, } GETTYPE = { "string": str, "integer": int, "float": float, "double": float, "file": str, "all": do_nothing, }
[docs]def element2dict(xparameter): diz = dict(xparameter.items()) for p in xparameter: if p.tag in GETFROMTAG: diz[p.tag] = GETFROMTAG[p.tag](p) else: print("New tag: %s, ignored" % p.tag) return diz
# dictionary used to create docstring for the objects DOC = { # ------------------------------------------------------------ # head "head": """{cmd_name}({cmd_params}) Parameters ---------- """, # ------------------------------------------------------------ # param "param": """{name}: {default}{required}{multi}{ptype} {description}{values}{keydescvalues}""", # ------------------------------------------------------------ # flag_head "flag_head": """ Flags ------ """, # ------------------------------------------------------------ # flag "flag": """{name}: {default}, {supress} {description}""", # ------------------------------------------------------------ # foot "foot": """ Special Parameters ------------------ The Module class have some optional parameters which are distinct using a final underscore. run_: True, optional If True execute the module. finish_: True, optional If True wait until the end of the module execution, and store the module outputs into stdout, stderr attributes of the class. stdin_: PIPE, optional Set the standard input. env_: dictionary, optional Set the environment variables. """, }