Source code for script.raster3d

Raster3d related functions to be used in Python scripts.



    from grass.script import raster3d as grass

(C) 2008-2016 by the GRASS Development Team
This program is free software under the GNU General Public
License (>=v2). Read the file COPYING that comes with GRASS
for details.

.. sectionauthor:: Glynn Clements
.. sectionauthor:: Martin Landa <landa.martin>
.. sectionauthor:: Soeren Gebbert <soeren.gebbert>
from __future__ import absolute_import

import os
import time
import string

from .core import read_command, write_command, fatal
from .utils import float_or_dms, parse_key_val
from grass.exceptions import CalledModuleError

[docs]def raster3d_info(map, env=None): """Return information about a raster3d map (interface to ``). Example: >>> mapcalc3d('volume = row() + col() + depth()') >>> raster3d_info('volume') # doctest: +ELLIPSIS {'vertical_units': '"units"', 'tbres': 1.0, ... 'south': 185000.0} >>> run_command('g.remove', flags='f', type='raster_3d', name='volume') 0 :param str map: map name :param env: environment :return: parsed raster3d info """ def float_or_null(s): if s == "NULL": return None else: return float(s) s = read_command("", flags="rg", map=map, env=env) kv = parse_key_val(s) for k in ["min", "max"]: kv[k] = float_or_null(kv[k]) for k in ["north", "south", "east", "west", "top", "bottom"]: kv[k] = float(kv[k]) for k in ["nsres", "ewres", "tbres"]: kv[k] = float_or_dms(kv[k]) for k in ["rows", "cols", "depths"]: kv[k] = int(kv[k]) for k in ["tilenumx", "tilenumy", "tilenumz"]: kv[k] = int(kv[k]) for k in ["tiledimx", "tiledimy", "tiledimz"]: kv[k] = int(kv[k]) return kv
[docs]def mapcalc3d( exp, quiet=False, superquiet=False, verbose=False, overwrite=False, seed=None, env=None, **kwargs, ): """Interface to r3.mapcalc. :param str exp: expression :param bool quiet: True to run quietly (<tt>--q</tt>) :param bool superquiet: True to run extra quietly (<tt>--qq</tt>) :param bool verbose: True to run verbosely (<tt>--v</tt>) :param bool overwrite: True to enable overwriting the output (<tt>--o</tt>) :param seed: an integer used to seed the random-number generator for the rand() function, or 'auto' to generate a random seed :param dict env: dictionary of environment variables for child process :param kwargs: """ if seed == "auto": seed = hash((os.getpid(), time.time())) % (2**32) t = string.Template(exp) e = t.substitute(**kwargs) try: write_command( "r3.mapcalc", file="-", stdin=e, env=env, seed=seed, quiet=quiet, superquiet=superquiet, verbose=verbose, overwrite=overwrite, ) except CalledModuleError: fatal( _("An error occurred while running r3.mapcalc" " with expression: %s") % e )