About the GRASS Development Team

The GRASS GIS project is an international team effort with scientists and developers participating from various fields. GRASS - Geographic Resources Analysis Support System has been under continual development since 1982 and has involved a large number of federal US agencies, universities, and private companies. The core components of GRASS and the management of the integration of the efforts into GRASS releases were accomplished by the Construction Engineering Resesarch Laboratory (CERL) in Champaign, Illinois. It has been estimated that several million dollars of GRASS GIS software development efforts across the government have been completed since the 4.1 release. Since 1997 a worldwide network of developers continue to release new GRASS GIS versions (see GRASS history).

The strength and success of GRASS GIS relies on the user community. With this in mind, the philosophy of the GRASS Development Team is to encourage users to develop their own unique tools and applications for GRASS. Many people have contributed to the GRASS GIS. As GRASS GIS is growing, we have plenty of opportunities to join the GRASS development team and improve the powerful GRASS GIS under terms of GNU General Public License.

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Citing GRASS GIS Software

Please cite GRASS when using the software in your work. Here are some choices depending on the version used:
  • GRASS Development Team, 2014. Geographic Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS) Software, Version 6.4.4. Open Source Geospatial Foundation. http://grass.osgeo.org
  • GRASS Development Team, 2015. Geographic Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS) Software, Version 7.0. Open Source Geospatial Foundation. http://grass.osgeo.org
  • GRASS Development Team, 2015. Geographic Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS) Programmer's Manual. Open Source Geospatial Foundation. Electronic document: http://grass.osgeo.org/programming7/
  • For more options, see also: GRASS GIS Citation Repository

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GRASS (Geographic Resources Analysis Support System) is a free and open source Geographic Information System (GIS) software suite used for geospatial data management and analysis, image processing, graphics and map production, spatial modeling, and 3D visualization. GRASS GIS is currently used in academic and commercial settings around the world, as well as by many governmental agencies and environmental consulting companies. GRASS GIS can be used either as a stand-alone application or as backend for other software packages such as QGIS and R geostatistics. It is a founding member of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo).

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