The GRASS GIS community is known to be very helpful and friendly. Developers and power users help newcomers to do their first steps in GRASS, as well as to solve any related problem.

The best way to get in touch with the community is to join a mailing list, introduce yourself, and ask for help with your specific problem. Before doing that, it is recommened to go through the mailing list archive, since there is a high possibility that someone else has already encountered the same issue. Furthermore, check the Wiki, in particular the FAQ page.

If you are sure that you encountered a bug, no problem: You can create a ticket for it in the bug tracker.

However, if you still haven't found the way to solve your problem or received help, or would like to have a custom function or module implemented in GRASS, several companies and institutions offer also commercial support.

Finally, being satisfied with this great product, please consider to become a sponsor.

Support | Last change: 30-Jul-2013