Got a GRASS GIS software problem or enhancement wish?

Bug reports and wishes can be submitted in the GRASS GIS bugtracking system (GRASS-trac).
This requires you to setup a personal account (Userid) at OSGeo in GitHub: (migrated in 1/2020).

All trackers' new submissions will be automatically forwarded to the GRASS GIS development mailing list. Submissions and all followup traffic will be stored in the tracker and forwarded only to parties discussing the ticket. However, any project member can "monitor" a ticket, or a whole tracker, in order to receive all the related traffic (see GitHub repository).

Some considerations

Please consider the following when submitting bugs or feature requests:

Legacy bugtrackers

You can still access our old GForge system hosted by Intevation GmbH, Germany or the old RT bugtracking system, to examine both previously resolved issues, and those that were still in progress as the new system was released. Note that many bugs mentioned there have been fixed since then.

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