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GRASS Poster Contest

GRASS Posters

The GRASS Project team is looking for posters that can be used to show what GRASS is and what GRASS can do!! The GRASS community will vote for the best posters. The best three will be made available on the GRASS project website.

We are looking for two types of poster: One poster should focus on motivating GRASS development, while the other should focus on motivating people to use GRASS.

Posters in german can be submitted to the GAV. The best submission will be rewarded. For details see the GAV page.

Submitted Posters:

Martin Jerome (martin AT -- PDF (900 KB)

Submission Guidelines:

  • General guidelines:
    • A1 size (59.4 cm x 84.1 cm) (might be downscaled afterwards to A2 and A3);
    • the word "GRASS", its meaning and the words "GIS" and "Remote Sensing" should appear on the poster;
    • graphics have to be intuitive and should show GRASS functions;
    • no screenshots (to keep the poster "timeless");
    • text have to be short, just keywords, mention GRASS capabilites in short;
    • address where to download/inform/tutorials/ etc.;
    • Open Source/Free Software philosophy should be mentioned; just to let people know that this software can be used without being charged.

  • Poster for users:
    • should contain URL (;
    • should show relevant functions for back-end users (raster, vector, visual);

  • Posters for development:
    • should contain URL (
    • programming language should be mentioned
    • what kind of contributing is needed (ANSI-C, translation, GUI, etc.)

Things to consider:

There are a number of things that you may want to consider when putting together your poster.

  • Character size: main text around 50-60 pt, informational text around 24-30 pt
  • Platform information (GNU/Linux, MS-Windows, MacOS X etc.)
  • Open Source/Free Software
  • Which GRASS capabilities would you like to present, just one or all of them (vector, raster, 3d, nviz)
  • GRASS logo

How to submit posters:

Please add all your files to a compressed archive (zip, tar.gz, etc.) for uploading.

For submission please visit the GRASS-News submission system and submit it under "misc.".

If this is your first submission, please register your email here.

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