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GRASS GIS on Windows/Cygwin

GRASS GIS on Windows/Cygwin

$Date: 2002/09/26 07:18:19 $

This directory contains the latest Win32 binary distribution of GRASS 5.0 as a gzipped tape archives. We provide two versions:

The script should be run from within the cygwin shell to install the binary package. Please read the detailed installation instruction. If you want to compile yourself, you can get the latest GRASS source code from the CVS-Server and follow the compiling instruction.

The port is compiled with the Cygnus compiler (gcc) from the same source code as the UNIX version. The source code port was mostly done by John Huddleston, USA.

GRASS on Windows is still experimental. Please expect some functionality missing or not working. Please assist us to identify and fix bugs and help us to improve the Windows port.
If you need a stable version of GRASS for production use consider installing Linux in an additional partition of your computer (dual boot setup) or dedicate a computer to linux. The Linux/Unix version of GRASS will be more stable and get better support due to the greater number of users.

For general information about running GRASS the first time read here.


You need three major requirements to run GRASS 5 on Windows:

Status of GRASS 5.0:

We are searching for developers to assist in finalizing the Windows port: If you are (somewhat) experienced, join the development team to speed up the port!

Installation instruction
Compiling instruction

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