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NAME - Computes minimum spanning tree for the network.


vector, network, spanning tree

SYNOPSIS help [-g] input=name output=name [layer=integer] [accol=name] [--overwrite] [--verbose] [--quiet]


Use geodesic calculation for longitude-latitude locations
Allow output files to overwrite existing files
Verbose module output
Quiet module output


Name of input vector map
Name for output vector map
Layer number
A single vector map can be connected to multiple database tables. This number determines which table to use.
Default: 1
Name of Arc cost column

DESCRIPTION finds the minimum spanning tree in a network.


A spanning tree is a minimum cost subnetwork connecting all nodes in a network. Or, if a network is disconnected then the module computes the minimum spanning tree for each (weakly) connected component. So, strictly speaking, does not compute spanning tree but a spanning forest. As the name suggests, a spanning tree is a tree. That is, it contains no cycles and if a component has N nodes then the tree has N-1 edges connecting all nodes. Accol is used to specify the costs of the edges. The output consists of the edges in the spanning tree.


Find cheapest set of pipelines connecting all nodes. input=projected_pipelines output=spanningtree accol=cost 



Daniel Bundala, Google Summer of Code 2009, Student
Wolf Bergenheim, Mentor

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