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Topic: GUI

g.gui.animation Tool for animating a series of raster and vector maps or a space time raster or vector dataset.
g.gui.datacatalog Tool for browsing, modifying and managing GRASS maps.
g.gui.dbmgr Launches graphical attribute table manager.
g.gui.gcp Georectifies a map and allows managing Ground Control Points.
g.gui.gmodeler Graphical Modeler.
g.gui Launches a GRASS graphical user interface (GUI) session.
g.gui.iclass Tool for supervised classification of imagery data.
g.gui.image2target Georectifies a map and allows managing Ground Control Points for 3D correction.
g.gui.mapswipe Interactively compares two maps by swiping a visibility bar.
g.gui.photo2image Corrects scanning distortions of a paper photo.
g.gui.psmap Tool for creating hardcopy map outputs.
g.gui.rdigit Interactive editing and digitizing of raster maps.
g.gui.rlisetup Configuration tool for modules.
g.gui.timeline Allows comparing temporal datasets by displaying their temporal extents in a plot.
g.gui.tplot Plots the values of temporal datasets.
g.gui.vdigit Interactive editing and digitization of vector maps.

See also the corresponding keyword GUI for additional references.

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