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wxGUI Temporal Plot Tool

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The Temporal Plot Tool is a wxGUI component that queries and plots the values of a point, defined by a coordinate pair, in one or more temporal datasets (strds, stvds, str3ds).

Supported features:

Temporal Plot Tool
Figure: Temporal Plot Tool
To optionally add a title to the temporal plot and/or change the x and y axes labels, first type the desired text and then click Draw as showed below.
g.gui.tplot add title and axes labels
Figure: Add title and labels to a time series plot
To export the time series data to a text file (date and data values), type a name for the file and click Draw again. Optionally, set the check-box to print headers, as well.
g.gui.tplot export time series as csv file
Figure: Export time series values to a text file


g.gui.tplot requires the Python plotting library Matplotlib.


Temporal data processing
wxGUI components


Luca Delucchi, Fondazione Edmund Mach, Italy


Available at: wxGUI Temporal Plot Tool source code (history)

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