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Topic: geometry

i.image.mosaic Mosaics several images and extends colormap.
r.patch Creates a composite raster map layer by using known category values from one (or more) map layer(s) to fill in areas of "no data" in another map layer.
r.thin Thins non-null cells that denote linear features in a raster map layer.
v.delaunay Creates a Delaunay triangulation from an input vector map containing points or centroids.
v.drape Converts 2D vector features to 3D by sampling of elevation raster map.
v.edit Edits a vector map, allows adding, deleting and modifying selected vector features.
v.extrude Extrudes flat vector features to 3D vector features with defined height.
v.hull Produces a 2D/3D convex hull for a given vector map. Creates a vector polygon from the current region extent.
v.mkgrid Creates a vector map of a user-defined grid.
v.overlay Overlays two vector maps offering clip, intersection, difference, symmetrical difference, union operators.
v.parallel Creates parallel line to input vector lines.
v.patch Creates a new vector map by combining other vector maps.
v.perturb Random location perturbations of vector points. Reports geometry statistics for vector maps.
v.segment Creates points/segments from input vector lines and positions. Selects features from vector map (A) by features from other vector map (B).
v.split Splits vector lines to shorter segments. Performs transformation of 2D vector features to 3D. Converts vector polygons or points to lines. Creates points along input lines in new vector map with 2 layers.
v.type Changes type of vector features.
v.voronoi Creates a Voronoi diagram constrained to the extents of the current region from an input vector map containing points or centroids.

See also the corresponding keyword geometry for additional references.

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