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1 #ifndef __LOCAL_PROTO_H__
2 #define __LOCAL_PROTO_H__
5 /* qsort() comparison function */
6 int dcmp(const void *, const void *);
8 /* misc internal support functions */
9 void wcoef(double[], int, int, double *, int *);
10 void wgp(double[], int, double, double, double, double[],
11  int, double, double, double, double, int *);
12 void nscor2(double[], int, int, int *);
13 void wext(double[], int, double, double[], int, double,
14  double *, double *, int *);
16 double alnorm(double, int);
17 double enormp(double);
18 double normp(double);
19 double xinormal(double);
21 double ppn7(double);
22 double ppnd16(double);
25 #endif /* __LOCAL_PROTO_H__ */
double alnorm(double x, int upper)
Definition: as66.c:35
int dcmp(const void *i, const void *j)
Definition: dcmp.c:1
double enormp(double x)
Definition: enormp.c:4
double ppn7(double)
double ppnd16(double p)
Definition: as241.c:90
void wext(double x[], int n, double ssq, double a[], int n2, double eps, double *w, double *pw, int *ifault)
Definition: as181.c:25
double normp(double)
Definition: normp.c:23
void wgp(double x[], int n, double ssq, double gp, double h, double a[], int n2, double eps, double w, double u, double p, int *ifault)
Definition: as181.c:293
double xinormal(double)
Definition: xinormal.c:5
void nscor2(double s[], int n, int n2, int *ifault)
Definition: as177.c:111
void wcoef(double a[], int n, int n2, double *eps, int *ifault)
Definition: as181.c:175