GRASS GIS 7 Programmer's Manual  7.7.svn(2018)-r73574
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GRASS Library for interpolation with regularized splines with tension

Including and linking

Include interpf.h, qtree.h and dataquad.h header files according to which you need:

#include <grass/interpf.h>
#include <grass/qtree.h>
#include <grass/dataquad.h>

Extend LIBES and DEPENDENCIES in your Makefile by the following:


Main functions and structures

Main functions include:

Main data structures include:

Example usages


The methods are described in the following papers. Please, use these papers as references in your publications when you used the library or derived modules.

  • Mitasova, H., and Mitas, L., 1993, Interpolation by Regularized Spline with Tension: I. Theory and implementation. Mathematical Geology, 25, 641-55.
  • Mitasova, H., and Hofierka, L., 1993 Interpolation by Regularized Spline with Tension: II. Application to terrain modeling and surface geometry analysis. Mathematical Geology, 25, 657-69.
  • Mitasova, H., Mitas, L., Brown, W.M., Gerdes, D.P., Kosinovsky, I., Baker, T., 1995, Modeling spatially and temporally distributed phenomena: New methods and tools for GRASS GIS. International Journal of Geographic Information Systems,9(4), 433-46.