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GRASS GIS sample data

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This section gathers sample datasets for learning or testing GRASS GIS. Datasets are made available as ready-to-use GRASS GIS locations and sample data in other common GIS formats. Note: an easy way to download sample data is from the download button on the GRASS GIS GUI.
Download sample data from the GUI

North Carolina dataset

This dataset is a modern package of geospatial data from the state of North Carolina (NC), USA. It offers raster, vector, LiDAR and satellite data (EPSG: 3358). Most of the examples in the manuals of different modules are written with this dataset. The description, list of maps, and a quick usage tutorial are available here.

The North Carolina dataset can be downloaded in two versions:

Datasets for special topics

Spearfish dataset

This is the classical GRASS GIS dataset from the 1980th covering a part of Spearfish, South Dakota, USA, with raster, vector and point data. For more information on the dataset see the short documentation and soil data documentation (with legend for soils map).

Global datasets

Based on the Natural Earth data collection, a GRASS GIS location with global background maps is available in the World Geodetic System 1984 (WGS84). It is provided in two versions, a smaller, basic one and a more comprehensive collection with additional hydrological and ecological data:

In the Global datasets wiki, the community shares information on other open datasets all over the globe and how they are imported into GRASS GIS.