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NAME - Downloads Sentinel satellite data from Copernicus Open Access Hub using sentinelsat library.


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SYNOPSIS --help [-l] settings=name [output=name] [footprints=name] [map=name] [area_relation=string] [clouds=integer] [producttype=string] [start=string] [end=string] [limit=integer] [uuid=string[,string,...]] [sort=string[,string,...]] [order=string] [--overwrite] [--help] [--verbose] [--quiet] [--ui]


List filtered products and exit
Allow output files to overwrite existing files
Print usage summary
Verbose module output
Quiet module output
Force launching GUI dialog


settings=name [required]
Full path to settings file (user, password)
'-' for standard input
Name for output directory where to store downloaded Sentinel data
Name for output vector map with footprints
Name of input vector map to define Area of Interest (AOI)
If not given than current computational extent is used
Spatial reation of footprint to AOI
Options: Intersects, Contains, IsWithin
Default: Intersects
Maximum cloud cover percentage for Sentinel scene
Default: 30
Sentinel product type to filter
Options: SLC, GRD, OCN, S2MSI1C, S2MSI2Ap
Default: S2MSI1C
Start date ('YYYY-MM-DD')
End date ('YYYY-MM-DD')
Limit number of Sentinel products
List of UUID to download
Sort by values in given order
Options: ingestiondate, cloudcoverpercentage, footprint
Default: cloudcoverpercentage,ingestiondate,footprint
Sort order (see sort parameter)
Options: asc, desc
Default: asc

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The allows downloading Sentinel products from Copernicus Open Access Hub.

The following product types (parameter producttype) are currently supported:

To connect Copernicus Open Access Hub a user and password are required, see Register new account page for signing up. reads user credentials from settings file. The file must contain at least two lines:

Optionally on third line custom API URL can be defined. Note that empty lines in settings file are silently skipped.


User credentials can be also defined interactively when settings=- is given. Note that interactive prompt does not work in GUI.

Insert username: myusername
Insert password: 
Insert API URL (leave empty for

By default Sentinel products are sorted by cloudcoverpercentage and ingestiondate (see sort option). By default, only products which footprint intersects current computation region extent (area of interest, AOI) are filtered. The AOI can be optionally defined also by vector map. In addition the spatial relation between AOI and the footprint (area_relation) can be set to

Filtered products can be reduced by limit option.

Module searches for products in last 60 days, exact date range can be defined by start and end options.

Sentinel products can be also filtered by producttype or maximum clouds cover percentage.

In case a Sentinel data download was interrupted, will continue to download once the command is restarted and the partially downloaded file (with .incomplete file extention) still present.


List filtered products

Find S2MSI1C products in last 60 days covering current computation region extent. -l settings=sentinel.txt

1 Sentinel product(s) found
ae1c33ec-aa33-4303-a525-9e6481709614 2017-12-08T10:23:59Z 18% S2MSI1C
Find all S2MSI2Ap products in 2017. -l settings=sentinel.txt producttype=S2MSI2Ap start=2017-01-01 end=2017-12-31
7 Sentinel product(s) found
e5df8b4f-a4c6-47bd-88f3-e16b7540cc7a 2017-05-27T10:20:31Z  2% S2MSI2Ap
b62afeda-a28d-475c-8220-91e24fc368ff 2017-05-17T10:20:31Z  2% S2MSI2Ap
9a6bc289-98e9-4489-84eb-1aac95aaa056 2017-08-15T10:20:21Z  3% S2MSI2Ap
35c72002-78a0-45f8-b39d-66c2d7b4ad87 2017-10-14T10:20:21Z  6% S2MSI2Ap
c0ae8085-c1bb-4a27-89f2-2138a0866586 2017-07-06T10:20:21Z 12% S2MSI2Ap
433ebfbc-5144-42f8-97dc-b9f4f1eb7b5a 2017-11-03T10:22:01Z 12% S2MSI2Ap
fc56a594-d9d8-4e93-8dec-af3a58b24080 2017-09-04T10:20:21Z 19% S2MSI2Ap
Sort products by ingestiondate, limit cloud coverage to 5% per scene. -l settings=sentinel.txt producttype=S2MSI2Ap start=2017-01-01 end=2017-12-31 sort=ingestiondate order=desc clouds=5

3 Sentinel product(s) found
9a6bc289-98e9-4489-84eb-1aac95aaa056 2017-08-15T10:20:21Z  3% S2MSI2Ap
b62afeda-a28d-475c-8220-91e24fc368ff 2017-05-17T10:20:31Z  2% S2MSI2Ap
e5df8b4f-a4c6-47bd-88f3-e16b7540cc7a 2017-05-27T10:20:31Z  2% S2MSI2Ap
Create vector map with footprints. -l settings=sentinel.txt producttype=S2MSI2Ap start=2017-01-01 end=2017-12-31 footprints=ft

Download Sentinel products

Download first (limit=1) found S2MSI2Ap product into data directory. settings=sentinel.txt producttype=S2MSI2Ap start=2017-01-01 end=2017-12-31 limit=1 output=data
Such downloaded data can be easily imported into GRASS using i.sentinel.import module.

Download Sentinel products by UUID also allows downloading Sentinel products by giving a list of UUID. This operation is performed by uuid option. Note this option is mutually exclusive with all of other filtering options. Example of downloading one Sentinel product: settings=sentinel.txt uuid=98f00e12-3b62-4c54-8554-c4439bb1ebef output=data



Overview of i.sentinel toolset

i.sentinel.import, i.sentinel.preproc, i.sentinel.mask, r.import, r.external, v.import

See also GRASS GIS Workshop in Jena for usage examples.


Martin Landa, GeoForAll Lab, CTU in Prague, Czech Republic with support of OpenGeoLabs company

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