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The Animation Tool is a wxGUI component for animating series of GRASS raster or vector maps or space time datasets (created by t.* modules).

Animation Tool allows you to:

3D view animation enables to animate raster (as an elevation map or a color map) or vector map (points, lines). Internally, module m.nviz.image is used. To display 3D view animation follow these steps:

Animation Tool screenshot


The Animation Tool follows the computational region settings, so please be sure your computational region is set to the geographic extent of maps you are animating. You can change the computational region (using g.region) and then reload the maps to update the animation.


g.gui.animation raster=rmap1,rmap2,rmap3

g.gui.animation vector=vmap1,vmap2,vmap3

g.gui.animation strds=precipitation_2000_2010
The loading of a series of maps into the Animation Tool can be simplified with g.list (back ticks syntax works for Linux and Mac only):
g.gui.animation raster=`g.list type=raster mapset=. separator=comma pattern="precip*"`
Using extended regular expressions, the list of a series of raster maps can be subset by e.g., numeric range (here: precipitation for the years 1997-2012):
g.gui.animation raster=`g.list -e type=raster mapset=. separator=comma pattern="precip_total.(199[7-9]|200[0-9]|201[0-2]).sum"`


wxGUI components

g.gui.timeline, g.list, m.nviz.image

See also related wiki page.


Anna Kratochvilova, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic


Available at: wxGUI Animation tool source code (history)

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