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Topic: hydrology

r.basins.fill Generates watershed subbasins raster map.
r.carve Generates stream channels.
r.drain Traces a flow through an elevation model or cost surface on a raster map.
r.fill.dir Filters and generates a depressionless elevation map and a flow direction map from a given elevation raster map.
r.flow Constructs flowlines.
r.lake Fills lake at given point to given level.
r.path Traces paths from starting points following input directions.
r.sim.sediment Sediment transport and erosion/deposition simulation using path sampling method (SIMWE).
r.sim.water Overland flow hydrologic simulation using path sampling method (SIMWE).
r.solute.transport Numerical calculation program for transient, confined and unconfined solute transport in two dimensions Performs stream network extraction.
r.terraflow Performs flow computation for massive grids.
r.topidx Creates a topographic index (wetness index) raster map from an elevation raster map.
r.topmodel Simulates TOPMODEL which is a physically based hydrologic model.
r.uslek Computes USLE Soil Erodibility Factor (K).
r.usler Computes USLE R factor, Rainfall erosivity index.
r.water.outlet Creates watershed basins from a drainage direction map.
r.watershed Calculates hydrological parameters and RUSLE factors.
r3.flow Computes 3D flow lines and 3D flow accumulation.

See also the corresponding keyword hydrology for additional references.

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