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Get to know the GRASS GIS ecosystem

Plenty of resources

There are plenty of resources online to get started and learn GRASS GIS: from manual pages for each module and addon with examples, wiki pages with applications and use cases to beginner and advanced courses and workshops, videos and presentations for specific topics, jupyter notebooks with different workflows and books. There is also a Google Scholar profile that keeps track of scientific publications and applications of GRASS GIS in different domains. You may even try GRASS online to get a feeling of its capabilities!

TGRASS Flowchart

Time series in GRASS GIS

Analyzing spatio-temporal data with GRASS GIS
Hands-on workshop at the 2019 OpenGeoHub
Summer School
Tangible landscape setup

Tangible landscape in GRASS

Using GRASS through Python and tangible interfaces.
Workshop held at FOSS4G North America, Raleigh 2016 (USA)