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First time users


We are happy to count you among our users! You will see that once you get familiar with GRASS GIS, how it works and what it offers, you will ask yourself how you could live without it before

Before giving you some tips on how to start, two remarks:

  • The GRASS GIS community is a very friendly environment and newbies are well treated whatever your questions or difficulties. So, you should never hesitate to sign up to the grass-user mailing list or use any of the social media channels to reach out and call for help.
  • GRASS GIS is extremely powerful and the more you understand some of the basic concepts behind GRASS GIS, the more you will be able to harness that power. It is thus worth spending a bit of time to get familiar with these concepts. Payback will be manifold!

Newcomer tutorials

Depending on your favorite medium for learning, different entry doors exist into the marvellous world of GRASS GIS.


You can find many tutorials in different languages on the tutorials page. But here are some links to specific resources that might help you get started:


There are many sources of videos with presentations about GRASS GIS and tutorials on different topics online. For example, you can just search YouTube for the GRASS GIS videos available there or check different FOSS4G events in the last years (have a look at FOSS4G Bucharest 2019 videos). Here are, however, some pointers to selected videos that might be particularly useful for you as a beginner: