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GRASS 4.0 Release Information

GRASS 4.0 Release Information and Features

[Released 1991 (4.0)

GRASS 4.0 is available on the Internet FTP server. It is also still available on the USA-CERL Internet FTP server moon.cecer.army.mil (IP address The source and manuals are also available from the GRASS Download Area.

We maintain the GRASS 4.0 code for historical reasons.

Reference and Programmers Manuals

The GRASS 4.0 User’s Reference and Programmers Manuals are available as a single gzipped tar file (roughly 1.4 mb in size) and are in Postscript format (get here).

Shapiro, M., J. Westervelt, D. Gerdes, M. Larson and K.R. Brownfield. 1992. GRASS 4.0 programmers manual. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (USACERL): Champaign, IL.

4.0 Changes: This version realized the design goals set in 1986. Major additions include a standard command line parser for virtually all commands, substantial support for latitudelongitude based data, complete reorganization of command names, significantly better documentation, and performance enhancements.

Brief history GRASS 1.0-4.0

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