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Fred Limp's retirement

Fred Limp

The GRASS GIS community wants to honor Fred Limp on his retirement

The GRASS GIS Project wants to honor Dr. Fred Limp, Jr., on the eve of his retirement, June 2021, from the Department of Geosciences at the University of Arkansas (UA).

Fred was an early adopter and active promoter of GRASS GIS and open source geospatial technologies. He wrote a regular column called “Growing GRASS with Fred Limp” for the GRASS newsletter, GRASSCLIPPINGS (see pages 15-16).

Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies

Fred founded the Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies at UA in 1991, recognized world-wide for developing and applying cutting edge technologies for research and education. He also taught classes on GRASS GIS for universities and government agencies, as well as at CAST.

Fred receiving the GAIA award in 1991

He was recognized for his contributions to the GRASS Community with the GAIA Award in 1991. Trained as an archaeologist, Fred served as President of the Society for American Archaeology, and was widely recognized in the field for advancing the applications of spatial technology in archaeology and heritage conservation. This work illustrates the sometimes forgotten role of archaeology in the early development and applications of GIS and remote sensing.

The GRASS Community and Project Steering Committee again want to recognize Fred Limp for his lifetime of contribution to open science, FOSS, and GRASS GIS.