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1 #include "driver.h"
2 #include "driverlib.h"
4 void COM_Text(const char *text)
5 {
6  if (driver->draw_text) {
7  (*driver->draw_text) (text);
8  return;
9  }
11  if (!font_is_freetype())
13  text);
14  else
16  text_rotation, text);
17 }
int cur_y
Definition: driver/init.c:38
double text_size_y
Definition: driver/init.c:41
void(* draw_text)(const char *)
Definition: driver.h:63
double text_rotation
Definition: driver/init.c:42
void COM_Text(const char *)
Definition: Text.c:4
double text_size_x
Definition: driver/init.c:40
void soft_text(int, int, double, double, double, const char *)
Definition: text2.c:139
void soft_text_freetype(int, int, double, double, double, const char *)
Definition: text3.c:268
int cur_x
Definition: driver/init.c:37
Definition: driver.h:25
int font_is_freetype(void)
Definition: Font.c:57