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1 #include "cairodriver.h"
3 void Cairo_Set_window(int t, int b, int l, int r)
4 {
5  G_debug(1, "Cairo_Set_window: %d %d %d %d", t, b, l, r);
7  cairo_reset_clip(cairo);
8  cairo_rectangle(cairo, (double)l, (double)t, (double)r - l,
9  (double)b - t);
10  cairo_clip(cairo);
11 }
int l
Definition: dataquad.c:292
float b
Definition: named_colr.c:8
float r
Definition: named_colr.c:8
void Cairo_Set_window(int, int, int, int)
cairo_t * cairo
int G_debug(int level, const char *msg,...)
Print debugging message.
Definition: gis/debug.c:51