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animation.Animation Class Reference

Class represents animation as a sequence of states (views). More...

Public Member Functions

def __init__
 Animation constructor. More...
def Start
 Start recording/playing. More...
def Pause
 Pause recording/playing. More...
def Stop
 Stop recording/playing. More...
def Update
 Record/play next view state (on timer event) More...
def Record
 Record new view state. More...
def Play
 Render next frame. More...
def IterAnimation
def UpdateView
 Update view data in map window and render. More...
def IsRunning
 Test if timer is running. More...
def SetMode
 Start animation mode. More...
def GetMode
 Get animation mode (record, play, save) More...
def IsPaused
 Test if animation is paused. More...
def SetPause
def Exists
 Returns if an animation has been recorded. More...
def GetFrameCount
 Return number of recorded frames. More...
def Clear
 Clear all records. More...
def GoToFrame
 Render frame of given index. More...
def PostFinishedEvent
 Animation ends. More...
def PostUpdateIndexEvent
 Frame index changed, update tool window. More...
def StopSaving
 Abort image files generation. More...
def IsSaved
def SaveAnimationFile
 Generate image files. More...
def SetFPS
 Set Frames Per Second value. More...
def GetInterval
 Return timer interval in ms. More...

Data Fields


Detailed Description

Class represents animation as a sequence of states (views).

It enables to record, replay the sequence and finally generate all image files. Recording and replaying is based on timer events. There is no frame interpolation like in the Tcl/Tk based Nviz.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def animation.Animation.__init__ (   self,

Animation constructor.

mapWindowglWindow where rendering takes place
timertimer for recording and replaying

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Member Function Documentation

def animation.Animation.Clear (   self)

Clear all records.

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References animation.Animation.animationList, and animation.Animation.currentFrame.

def animation.Animation.Exists (   self)

Returns if an animation has been recorded.

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References animation.Animation.animationList.

def animation.Animation.GetFrameCount (   self)

Return number of recorded frames.

Definition at line 132 of file

References animation.Animation.animationList.

def animation.Animation.GetInterval (   self)

Return timer interval in ms.

Definition at line 205 of file

References animation.Animation.fps.

Referenced by animation.Animation.Start().

def animation.Animation.GetMode (   self)

Get animation mode (record, play, save)

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References animation.Animation.mode.

def animation.Animation.GoToFrame (   self,

Render frame of given index.

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References animation.Animation.animationList, animation.Animation.currentFrame, and animation.Animation.UpdateView().

def animation.Animation.IsPaused (   self)

Test if animation is paused.

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References animation.Animation.paused.

def animation.Animation.IsRunning (   self)

Test if timer is running.

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def animation.Animation.IsSaved (   self)
"!Test if animation has been saved (to images)

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References animation.Animation.animationSaved.

def animation.Animation.Pause (   self)

Pause recording/playing.

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def animation.Animation.Play (   self)
def animation.Animation.PostFinishedEvent (   self)
def animation.Animation.PostUpdateIndexEvent (   self,

Frame index changed, update tool window.

Definition at line 156 of file

References animation.Animation.mode.

Referenced by animation.Animation.IterAnimation(), and animation.Animation.Record().

def animation.Animation.Record (   self)
def animation.Animation.SaveAnimationFile (   self,
def animation.Animation.SetFPS (   self,

Set Frames Per Second value.

fpsframes per second

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References animation.Animation.fps.

def animation.Animation.SetMode (   self,

Start animation mode.

modeanimation mode (record, play, save)

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References animation.Animation.mode.

def animation.Animation.SetPause (   self,

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References animation.Animation.paused.

def animation.Animation.Start (   self)

Start recording/playing.

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References animation.Animation.GetInterval().

def animation.Animation.Stop (   self)

Stop recording/playing.

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References animation.Animation.PostFinishedEvent().

Referenced by animation.Animation.Play().

def animation.Animation.StopSaving (   self)

Abort image files generation.

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References animation.Animation.stopSaving.

def animation.Animation.Update (   self)
def animation.Animation.UpdateView (   self,

Field Documentation


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Referenced by animation.Animation.Update().


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Referenced by animation.Animation.SaveAnimationFile().


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Referenced by animation.Animation.GetInterval(), and animation.Animation.SetFPS().


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Referenced by animation.Animation.IsPaused(), and animation.Animation.SetPause().


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