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colorrules.VectorColorTable Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__
 Dialog for interactively entering color rules for vector maps. More...
def OnPaneChanged
def CheckMapset
 Check if current vector is in current mapset. More...
def NoConnection
def OnCheckColumn
 Use color column instead of color table. More...
def EnableVectorAttributes
 Enable/disable part of dialog connected with db. More...
def DisableClearAll
 Enable, disable the whole dialog. More...
def OnSelectionInput
 Vector map selected. More...
def UpdateDialog
 Update dialog after map selection. More...
def AddTemporaryColumn
 Add temporary column to not overwrite the original values, need to be deleted when closing dialog and unloading map. More...
def DeleteTemporaryColumn
 Delete temporary column. More...
def OnLayerSelection
def OnSourceColumnSelection
def OnAddColumn
 Add GRASS(RGB,SIZE,WIDTH) column if it doesn't exist. More...
def CreateAttrTable
 Create attribute table. More...
def LoadTable
 Load table. More...
def LoadRulesFromColumn
 Load current column (GRASSRGB, size column) More...
def SetRangeLabel
 Set labels with info about attribute column range. More...
def OnFromColSelection
 Selection in combobox (for loading values) changed. More...
def OnToColSelection
 Selection in combobox (for storing values) changed. More...
def OnPreview
 Update preview (based on computational region) More...
def OnTablePreview
 Update preview (based on computational region) More...
def OnColumnPreview
 Update preview (based on computational region) More...
def OnHelp
 Show GRASS manual page. More...
def UseAttrColumn
 Find layers and apply the changes in d.vect command. More...
def CreateColorTable
 Create color rules (color table or color column) More...
def UpdateColorColumn
 Creates color table. More...
def OnCancel
 Do not apply any changes and close the dialog. More...
def OnApply
 Apply selected color table. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from colorrules.ColorTable
def __init__
 Dialog for interactively entering rules for map management commands. More...
def InitDisplay
 Initialize preview display, set dimensions and region. More...
def OnCloseWindow
 Window closed. More...
def OnApply
 Apply selected color table. More...
def OnOK
 Apply selected color table and close the dialog. More...
def OnCancel
 Do not apply any changes, remove associated rendered images and close the dialog. More...
def OnSetTable
 Load pre-defined color table. More...
def OnSaveRulesFile
 Save color table to file. More...
def OnLoadRulesFile
 Load color table from file. More...
def ReadColorTable
 Read color table. More...
def OnLoadDefaultTable
 Load internal color table. More...
def LoadTable
 Load current color table (using r(v).colors.out) More...
def CreateColorTable
 Creates color table. More...
def DoPreview
 Update preview (based on computational region) More...
def RunHelp
 Show GRASS manual page. More...
def SetMap
 Set map name and update dialog. More...

Data Fields

- Data Fields inherited from colorrules.ColorTable

Detailed Description

Definition at line 928 of file

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def colorrules.VectorColorTable.__init__ (   self,

Dialog for interactively entering color rules for vector maps.

Definition at line 929 of file

Member Function Documentation

def colorrules.VectorColorTable.AddTemporaryColumn (   self,

Add temporary column to not overwrite the original values, need to be deleted when closing dialog and unloading map.

typetype of column (e.g. vachar(11))

Definition at line 1261 of file

References colorrules.ColorTable.inmap,,,,,,, gcmd.RunCommand(), utils.split(), and colorrules.VectorColorTable.version7.

def colorrules.VectorColorTable.CheckMapset (   self)

Check if current vector is in current mapset.

Definition at line 1121 of file

References colorrules.ColorTable.inmap.

Referenced by colorrules.VectorColorTable.UpdateDialog().

def colorrules.VectorColorTable.CreateColorTable (   self,
  tmp = False 
def colorrules.VectorColorTable.DisableClearAll (   self)

Enable, disable the whole dialog.

Definition at line 1169 of file

References colorrules.VectorColorTable.EnableVectorAttributes().

Referenced by colorrules.VectorColorTable.UpdateDialog().

def colorrules.VectorColorTable.EnableVectorAttributes (   self,

Enable/disable part of dialog connected with db.

Definition at line 1164 of file

Referenced by colorrules.VectorColorTable.DisableClearAll().

def colorrules.VectorColorTable.LoadTable (   self)
def colorrules.VectorColorTable.NoConnection (   self,
def colorrules.VectorColorTable.OnCancel (   self,

Do not apply any changes and close the dialog.

Definition at line 1653 of file

References colorrules.VectorColorTable.DeleteTemporaryColumn().

Referenced by dialogs.VDigitCategoryDialog.OnOK(), and dialogs.DxfImportDialog.OnRun().

def colorrules.VectorColorTable.OnFromColSelection (   self,
def colorrules.VectorColorTable.OnHelp (   self,

Show GRASS manual page.

Definition at line 1572 of file

def colorrules.VectorColorTable.OnPaneChanged (   self,
  event = None 

Definition at line 1112 of file

def colorrules.VectorColorTable.OnSelectionInput (   self,
def colorrules.VectorColorTable.OnTablePreview (   self,

Update preview (based on computational region)

Definition at line 1518 of file

References utils.GetTempfile(), colorrules.ColorTable.inmap, and gcmd.RunCommand().

Referenced by colorrules.VectorColorTable.OnPreview().

def colorrules.VectorColorTable.OnToColSelection (   self,
def colorrules.VectorColorTable.UpdateColorColumn (   self,

Creates color table.

True on success
False on failure

Definition at line 1613 of file

References colorrules.RulesPanel.attributeType, colorrules.RasterColorTable.attributeType, colorrules.VectorColorTable.attributeType, utils.GetTempfile(), pyshell.PyShellWindow.parent, mapwindow.MapWindow.parent, menu.Menu.parent, dialogs.RegionDef.parent, sqlbuilder.SQLFrame.parent, dialogs.ModelDataDialog.parent, mapdisp.MapFrameBase.parent, dialogs.DisplayAttributesDialog.parent, colorrules.RulesPanel.parent, preferences.PreferencesBaseDialog.parent, manager.Log.parent, frame.ModelFrame.parent, goutput.CmdThread.parent, frame.GMFrame.parent, manager.VirtualAttributeList.parent, toolbars.BaseToolbar.parent, manager.GCPWizard.parent, dialogs.ModelSearchDialog.parent, menu.MenuTreeWindow.parent, forms.UpdateThread.parent, goutput.GMConsole.parent, wizard.CoordinateSystemPage.parent, widgets.StaticWrapText.parent, dialogs.ModelRelationDialog.parent, menu.MenuTree.parent, manager.LocationPage.parent, forms.UpdateQThread.parent, colorrules.ColorTable.parent, wizard.ProjectionsPage.parent, forms.TaskFrame.parent, dialogs.ModelItemDialog.parent, manager.GroupPage.parent, prompt.GPrompt.parent, dialogs.DecorationDialog.parent, manager.AttributeManager.parent, dialogs.ModelListCtrl.parent, manager.DispMapPage.parent, ghelp.HelpWindow.parent, wizard.ProjParamsPage.parent, gselect.LayerSelect.parent, dialogs.TextLayerDialog.parent, forms.CmdPanel.parent, manager.GCP.parent, wizard.DatumPage.parent, model.ModelAction.parent, dialogs.GroupDialog.parent, dialogs.ItemCheckListCtrl.parent, frame.ModelCanvas.parent, wizard.EllipsePage.parent, goutput.GMStdout.parent, goutput.GMStderr.parent, model.ModelData.parent, gselect.GdalSelect.parent, goutput.GMStc.parent, dialogs.MapLayersDialog.parent, goutput.PyStc.parent, model.ModelRelation.parent, wizard.EPSGPage.parent, frame.VariablePanel.parent, model.ModelItem.parent, frame.ItemPanel.parent, dialogs.ImportDialog.parent, wizard.CustomPage.parent, frame.PythonPanel.parent, wizard.SummaryPage.parent, preferences.CheckListMapset.parent, wizard.LocationWizard.parent, forms.GUI.parent, dialogs.LayersList.parent, dialogs.SetOpacityDialog.parent, dialogs.ImageSizeDialog.parent, model.ModelParamDialog.parent, manager.TableListCtrl.parent, manager.LayerListCtrl.parent, manager.GrSettingsDialog.parent, manager.LayerBook.parent,,,,,,, and gcmd.RunCommand().

Referenced by colorrules.VectorColorTable.CreateColorTable().

Field Documentation


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Referenced by colorrules.VectorColorTable.OnLayerSelection().


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Referenced by colorrules.VectorColorTable.CreateAttrTable().


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Referenced by colorrules.VectorColorTable.CreateAttrTable().


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Referenced by colorrules.VectorColorTable.CreateAttrTable().


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Referenced by colorrules.VectorColorTable.CreateAttrTable().


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